The meme is that Dan Mullen has a more senior-laden team better than last year at Florida and that Georgia has a young team whose stars haven’t even played much yet and may not this week at Florida. And that therefore the smart money is on Florida to not only cover but probably WIN not just TAKING THE POINTS. Dan Mullen is the 8th highest paid coach and Kirby is # 7 at $7 million dollars per year at Georgia. The only problem with THIS BULLSHIT is that Dan Mullen is ONLY 48 percent win percentage against SEC teams and only 61 percent win percentage all-time to Kirby at .765 Dan Mullen is NOT SHIT except overpaid.

So while they romanticize about Dan Mullen pre-game I thought you should know about Dan Mullen.


It seems to be LOST on EVERYONE that Dan Mullen has not done shit.






Not as head coach.


Did you want to talk about Urban Meyer ?


Georgia has won 4 of the last 7 in this game.  I have zero expectations that it will be 4 of the last 8 after the game.




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