David L. Marshall Starter DL for Kirby all 3 of Kirby’s years and crowd favorite who missed LSU misses Florida too as does Ben Cleveland Starting Right Guard who was injured against Missouri. Monty Rice Starting Middle Linebacker got banged-up at LSU and is somewhat recovered. Starting Tailback D’Andre Swift who led the team in rushing against LSU because Justin Fields only got 5 snaps is probable for Florida but also is banged-up. Justin Fields did NOT transfer during the off-week as it would not have substantially accomplished anything other than sending hard-headed Kirby a MESSAGE. DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle is OUT. Solomon Kindley injured against LSU is gimpy on knee. Devonte Wyatt is injured.

D’Andre Swift is a sophomore phenom from Philadelphia who had his CAREER HIGH in rushing attempts at just 12 last week at LSU.  Kirby just doesn’t give him the ball.  It’s hard to explain.  He injured his ankle.

Justin Fields is a true freshman phenom who has out-played Jake Fromm EVERY game since arriving here including the G-Day Game and thus is clearly our best quarterback and surefire NFL quarterback ahead of Jake Fromm but Kirby doesn’t like freshmen and hates anyone telling him anything EVEN MORE.

Monty Rice is the Starting MLB from Alabama whom Kirby stole from Alabama 2 years ago as a sophomore now.

Ben Cleveland is the Starting Right Guard who should have been the Starting Right Guard the last 2 seasons in addition too but his injury to his leg is long-lasting and Ben is a redshirt sophomore now.  Fibula.

Kirby just holds some players back.  It’s unexplainable.  And it’s frustrating with all this talent.  We take losses because of it.

David L. Marshall is the Starter on DL who is from Upson-Lee who has Started for Kirby all 3 years of Kirby’s career so far. Foot.

DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle is OUT.  DT

Solomon Kindley injured against LSU is gimpy on knee. OL

Devonte Wyatt is injured. DT.   Knee.


Kirby’s mantra for the entire 2-week period now is that we didn’t protect for Jake Fromm who gets sacked 3 times every game and who fumbles the ball every game too trying to run and who averages minus several yards per carry as a direct result thereof and of holding on to the football too long.  His freshman season he came to the line knowing he had to get rid of the ball.  Now in his sophomore slump he doesn’t feel he has to and lumbers around back there then throws off-target and misses open players despite playing against what has been proven to be 6 cupcakes and a team beat by Florida.


That’s right LSU was BEAT by Florida.  I told you our schedule just got a lot harder last week.


Florida averages not only 3 sacks a game but is # 3 nationally in turnover margin both bad signs for troubled embattled Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm.


Florida has averaged allowing only 3 third-down conversions per game the last 3 games – a far cry from Kirby’s giving-up last week at LSU.  Kirby did NOTHING RIGHT at LSU last week.


Kirby seems to be making mistakes you often associate with a younger head coach and of course Georgia has no Athletics’ Director who was football head coach so we don’t have any help for Kirby to shake him from his stubbornness.


We’re expecting Florida to get after our smarting Bulldogs Saturday afternoon late.  And it’s the late start that might help us most.  We’re hurting in more ways than one.



Both teams come in 6-1 but we haven’t played anyone other than LSU who beat Kirby’s ass but whom Florida handily beat.



This bears repeating.  We haven’t played anyone except for LSU.  LSU was BEAT by Florida but LSU kicked Kirby’s ass from pillar to post last week.


Did you get that ?


(1) We’ve played NO ONE except LSU

(2) LSU slaughtered Jake Fromm by 3 unanswered TD

(3) Florida easily handled LSU

(4) We’re supposed to beat Florida at the site of the annual Gator Bowl game by double-digits.

(5) Are you seeing ANYTHING wrong with ANY of this ?







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