Florida has a bad QB only # 90 Passing Offense and only average at running the football as a team 2018. Florida has a good defense against the pass but they can’t stop the run.

Felipe Franks is not a good quarterback. He doesn’t throw completions. He was # 54 QB nationally. He sucks. He is # 86 in the nation in completion percentage. Florida # 90 Passing Offense. That is worse than Jake Fromm.


Florida is one of the very most penalized teams in the nation with only a few more teams worse in all of America. Listening to them smart-off about how they are so much better than Georgia for 2 weeks during their off-week and this week should be proof enough of their lack of discipline. Florida is # 110 in number of penalties per game.


Florida’s defense is good against the pass and not good stopping the run. Florida’s offense is NOT good at passing and only average at running the football.


1st Down Defense # 21 Florida

1st Downs by Offense # 79 Florida


# 90 Passing Offense Florida


# 72 Rushing Defense Florida – run the football Kirby


# 78 Time of Possession Florida – can’t stop the run average at running


# 22 Total Defense Florida

# 66 Total Offense Florida






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