Barrett Sallee calls for Justin Fields to TRANSFER and as 2nd best player in the nation sitting on his ass the MOST HIGHEST SOUGHT AFTER TRANSFER

Justin Fields is going to have a decision to make: The buzz around Georgia after the loss to LSU two weeks ago wasn’t “if” Justin Fields was going to see more playing time under center, but “when.” Coach Kirby Smart made it clear with his trust in Jake Fromm to take every snap against the Gators and his postgame comments praising his sophomore Jake Fromm that this is Jake Fromm’s team from here on out. So what does that mean for Justin Fields?

His inexplicable absence from the LSU loss coupled with his time as a helmet holder on the sideline against Florida can’t sit well for a player who was the second-ranked player in the entire country in the Class of 2018. The possibility of a redshirt is a distant memory and Jake Fromm now entrenched, will Justin Fields become one of the most sought-after transfer quarterbacks in college football in the near future”


Bleacher Report Barrett Sallee – former and still Apologist Full of Shit – is the big Mark Richt Apologist.  Remember ?  That is why he is pressing this agenda.


DJ Shockley had every opportunity until he got injured with the Falcons to become the Falcons’ starting QB.  Without that injury I am assured that DJ Shockley would have become the Falcons’ starting QB that year.


I am saying that Jake Fromm had a tremendous game against Florida.  I believe Justin Fields would say that too.


I have NEVER LIKED this little shit Barrett Sallee.  He says stupid shit every couple of sentences.


Really stupid shit.




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