God Damn George Schroeder Oklahoma University graduate and former sports writer for The Oklahoman who doesn’t even have a page on Wiki said pre-game that Georgia was OVERRATED now says postgame that Georgia is STILL overrated as beating Florida didn’t prove ANYTHING. Meanwhile Oklahoma hasn’t beat ANY ranked team.

George Schroeder sour grapes Oklahoma grad


I mean Texas got beat tonight by Oklahoma State a 4-3 team.  And Texas beat Oklahoma.  I don’t see George Schroeder writing about Oklahoma tonight do you ?


No.  I didn’t think so.


Like the rest of the world he was instead glued to # 9 AP Poll Florida inviting # 7 Georgia to Florida to play the Gators who beat # 4 LSU.


Oklahoma whom Georgia beat earlier this year 54-48 put Georgia # 2 in the nation.


Now this twit George Schroeder thinks beating # 9 AP Poll Florida is just for the shits man.


George Schroeder Oklahoma grad.


By the way Wiki has a long list of Oklahoma grads and they don’t even claim this asshole George Schroeder.


George Schroeder was retweeted all over the nation tonight to which he put pencil to paper to state oh beating Florida didn’t mean jack shit.


Really George Schroeder ?


Who the hell has Oklahoma beat ?


That’s what I thought.


No one.


There is not one ranked team Oklahoma has beat all God Damn Season LONG George Schroeder sir.


Georgia just beat # 9 AP Poll Florida George Schroeder and that sir is a LOT better than Oklahoma can say this year whom Georgia beat earlier this year.


Georgia has wins over # 9 AP Poll Florida today and win over what was then # 24 South Carolina until Georgia knocked them off too.  South Carolina beat vols tonight.


Now Georgia plays Kentucky who no doubt will be in the AP Poll Top 10 in the nation George Schroeder.


Here George Schroeder stick this up your God Damn foolish jealous asshole.


Then when we play Alabama we’ll see if the officials from outside The SEC can give the game to Alabama again.


Like they did earlier this year George Schroeder you God Damn butthole.


Jesus son just admit George Schroeder that you misfired on Georgia and overrated Oklahoma ?


Well you did you know ?


You God Damn piece of shit.





USA Today is an afterthought in college football because of biased writers such as yourself George Schroeder.


You don’t know what you’re talking about.  You’re a God Damn fool George Schroeder.


Georgia as its second win over a ranked team tonight beat # 9 AP Poll Florida in a 3 TD beat down setting up our game next week at Kentucky against Top 10 AP Poll Kentucky.  Then Georgia plays Alabama if we can beat Kentucky.  Not that you will give us ANY credit whatsoever for any of this.


Stick it up your asshole George Schroeder.  No one cares what you think.  We just make fun of your bullshit comments trying to put down us whom you spent the day watching glued to your TV.


Georgia very much looks like a playoff contender to the rest of the known college football world you piece of shit.


Congratulations on all the hits on your article George Schroeder.  We all came to laugh our God Damn asses off at YOU !




SEC 11 National Championships in Football Starting 2003

  1. 2017 Alabama SEC vs SEC for national championship
  2. 2015 Alabama
  3. 2012 Alabama
  4. 2011 Alabama SEC vs SEC for national championship
  5. 2010 Auburn
  6. 2009 Alabama
  7. 2008 Florida
  8. 2007 LSU
  9. 2006 Florida
  10. 2004 Auburn * 13-0 undefeated 2004 # 2 every single poll before USC stripped of its NC belongs to Auburn
  11. 2003 LSU

What conference did you think you were watching today George Schroeder ?  The Mighty SEC boy.


2018 # 1 UGA # 6 OK with six 5-star UGA one 5-star OK

2017 # 3 UGA # 8 OK with three 5-star UGA zero 5-star OK

2016 # 6 UGA # 19 OK with three 5-star UGA one 5-star OK

2015 # 6 UGA # 15 OK with two 5-star UGA zero 5-star OK

2014 # 8 UGA # 14 OK with three 5-star UGA one 5-star OK



University of Oklahoma # 109 best college U.S. News and World Report Rankings

University of Georgia # 56 best college U.S. News and World Report Rankings



Bowl Games 29-20-1 Oklahoma Sooners

Bowl Games 30-19-3 Georgia Bulldogs






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