Here is how far Florida went DOWN after the loss to Georgia 2018 and the 5th loss to Georgia in 8 years hiring their bullshit head coaches they have chosen which I have said were NOT any good to begin with.

1st Down Defense was # 21 pregame Florida now # 24

1st Downs by Offense was # 79 pregame Florida now # 82


was # 90 pregame Passing Offense Florida now # 97


was # 72 pregame Rushing Defense Florida – run the football Kirby now # 74


was # 78 pregame Time of Possession Florida – can’t stop the run average at running now # 79


was # 22 pregame Total Defense Florida now # 28

was # 66 pregame Total Offense Florida now # 78


We kicked their asses just exactly as I said we would pregame when I pinpointed these areas as where we would beat Florida.


Florida has not been recruiting like Kirby has and they could not possibly live-up therefore to their braggadochio those braggarts bragged about every day for the last 2 weeks.  We did have to come back from deficit on the road when Florida took the lead 13-14 in the in the second half but from there we scored 3 more touchdowns and 1 more field goal while all they could add was one stinking field goal for the final margin of 36-17.


I also pointed out that Dan Mullen had not ever done shit as head coach anywhere.


I guaranteed this victory.


THIS is why.




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