“You grab a dog and shake ‘em” is caption Luke Ancrum posted with this picture on Instagram after Georgia Bulldogs beat the shit out of him by 3 TD. Luke Ancrum is back-up 6’ 6” and 270 lbs. THUG who was the # 1755 best recruit 2015 class and next year 2019 will be senior for Florida gators poor coaching of Dan Mullen to allow all this. Dan Mullen with his LOSING RECORD against The SEC. I told you Dan Mullen wasn’t beating Georgia because he has NEVER DONE shit as a head coach anywhere.

“You grab a dog and shake ‘em” Luke Ancrum on Instagram




How poorly coached is Florida to have THIS post-game after getting the shit knocked out of them by 3 TD by their # 1 Rival The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs for now the 5th time the last 8 games.


Luke Ancrum Florida gator back-up DE the # 1755 best recruit in the 2015 recruiting class listed on Florida’s webpages at 6’ 6” and 270 lbs.






Luke Ancrum brags like this AFTER he got his ass beat up and down the field by 3 TD. That’s right Georgia beat Florida by three (3) TD.


Then we go to the Internet where Florida players bragged for the last two (2) weeks how badly they were going to beat Georgia.




Players should NOT be BRAGGING pregame. And they most assuredly as well should NOT be BRAGGING postgame when they got the ever-loving shit knocked out of them LOSING by 3 touchdowns.


You didn’t see Georgia players bragging pregame.


We did our talking DURING the ROUT of the worse team.


We have out-recruited Florida for years while Florida hires BAD HEAD COACHES.


Look Dan Mullen has a LOSING RECORD vs The SEC.


They are paying 2018 this season Dan Mullen nearly what Kirby makes and Florida is ALSO paying Jim McElwain this 2018 season nearly what Kirby makes too ! Florida is PAYING BOTH this year nearly what Kirby gets.  That’s twice as much as Kirby alone makes 2018 and they got BEAT by 3 TD to have THIS posted afterwards by Florida gator player these 2 wiz bang head coaches recruited there as a THUG.


So for twice as much money Florida has THIS to show for it.


# 14 Florida gators Coaches’ Poll to # 5 Georgia Bulldogs Coaches’ Poll

today October 31 2018


That AFTER the blowout loss to their # 1 Rival Georgia Bulldogs their players run to the God Damn Internet and BRAG how they did THIS to Georgia’s players on the ground. They mauled our players. They poked the eyes of our quarterback for the World to see AS WELL.


  1. They bragged for 2 weeks how Florida would kick Georgia’s ass
  2. Meme was they are older better UGA younger not ready to play
  3. AFTER they took brunt of LOSS to Georgia they post this shit really
  4. Their fans tell us oh it’s nothing
  5. Really ?


NEXT ITEM is this bullshit that this is two in a row wins by Georgia over Florida.




This is 5 wins in the last 8 games against Florida by The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.


Georgia is # 5 in the Coaches’ Poll and we were ranked AHEAD of Florida pre-game.


Jim McElwain works in Ann Arbor now as a staffer after being FIRED with cause by the University of Florida.


Michigan is going to lose 2 more games this year with assistant staffer “coaches” like Jim McElwain.


As for Dan Mullen :




Dan Mullen not only allowed all the bragging by Florida players for 2 weeks in EVERY newspaper how they would kick our ass.


But afterwards when it did not go as Dan Mullen and his players (read THUGS) guaranteed pre-game.  Did it ?  And worse Florida recruiting than Kirby has been getting Georgia from our state.  Thought it would go differently pre-game. STILL Dan Mullen allows his players (THUGS) to run to the Internet and BRAG that THIS is what they did to Georgia players in THE GAME.


You can’t make this kind of shit up.  Seriously.  I will USE this against Florida gators for YEARS.


The Game in which HE LOST by 3 TD he posts this with his 4 tackles all season.  Hey here is one of my 4 tackles all year my junior year as the number 1 thousand 7 hundred and 55 best recruit 2015.


Poor sportsmanship.


If it were NOT poor sportsmanship then why did he remove this picture and captain from Instagram ?


Because there was NOTHING WRONG IT ?


Here Luke Ancrum Florida gator back-up DE :


Stick THIS up your God Damn THUG asshole you piece of shit LOSER.


That’s right.


You LOST Luke Ancrum Florida gator back-up DE


That’s right 6’6” and 270 lbs. of fat and big mouth who got the shit knocked out of him by Georgia so he runs to the Internet to BRAG afterwards…


Here look what I did to Georgia players. See how great I am ?


Look THUG # 1755 means there are one thousand seven hundred and fifty four better players than you in 2015.


Which is WHY you run to the Internet to brag post game.


Your teammates make excuses for the loss.


And you run to the Internet to BRAG what you did DURING THE GAME.


The game which you lost by 3 God Damn Touchdowns.


You God Damn FOOL Luke Ancrum 6’ 6” and 270 lbs. ranked the number one thousand 7 hundred and 55 best player in America in 2015.


Senior next year Luke Ancrum we will KICK YOUR God Damn Ass.


If you are NOT suspended for this reaction to your LOSS.


Bragging on the Internet.


You do NOT see Kirby’s men doing this after the games do you Luke Ancrum ?


This makes you a BIG MAN does it Luke Ancrum ?


Back-up 6’ 6” and 270 lbs. defensive end ranked as a recruit # 1755 in the 2015 class.


Shove THIS up your asshole Luke Ancrum you God Damn FOOL and bad football player coached by INFERIOR coaches to ALLOW you to do this.


And to explain to us what you meant by it.


It is patently obvious what you meant by it Luke Ancrum.


Proper decorum prevents me from telling you what I really want to you God Damn THUG.


But it starts with an F.


And ends with you Luke Ancrum THUG.


Luke Ancrum has played in all 11 games this season and has made a grand total of 4 tackles. So he runs to the Internet to brag with THIS picture and THIS caption HE WROTE and Dan Mullen allows.


SUSPEND the son of a bitch Dan Mullen you God Damn bullshit SEC coach Dan Mullen.


Dan Mullen is to blame for what the Florida gators said for 2 weeks every newspaper bragging how they would beat us and THIS afterwards when we beat the crap out of them by 3 TD for 5 Georgia wins last 8 games against these THUGS and poor sportsmanship demonstrated by Florida gator THUGS.


Compare UGA to Florida Gators






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