Who are the most underutilized on Kirby’s 2018 team ? 94 players have played an average of 7 games each but there are some players who are in Kirby’s doghouse. Jeff Sentell FAILED to make this point really. Jeff Sentell has ALWAYS been a little shit really trying to pander to Mark Richt and now to Kirby.

I would like to see Kirby keep his bench shorter.  Kirby has given valuable snaps to walk-ons and 3rd stringers who would NEVER contribute to this 2018 team.  It has added-up to happy 3rd stringers and unhappy 2nd teamers.


94 players have played 2018 season for The Georgia Bulldogs an average of 7 games each. Justin Fields is one of those. I hate it for him that he isn’t used to return kicks. That he can’t play at all is sad. That he got 5 God Damn Snaps combined against # 4 LSU and # 9 Florida combined is JUST WRONG KIRBY.


You look at a piece of paper and he has played 7 games.


94 is too many.


THAT is NOT the whole story.  He’s NOT USED and arguably is the 2nd best player in the United States of America 2018 recruiting added to our team.  It’s bullshit if you want the truth.




That we haven’t thrown the football to Demetris Robertson is equally frustrating to me. We’ve played 8 games now.


The Offensive Line for Kirby includes the top-rated OL in the nation 2016 2017 and again now 2018.  Most of them ride the God Damn Bench and have NO HOPE of making any real impact anytime soon.


A running back for Kirby has to average 7 yards a carry. Since he only gets 150 carries this year for the top running backs it would take an average of 7 yards a carry for one to reach 1000 yard rushing season.


James Cook and Brian Herrien get slightly more than 3 carries a game through 8 games now.


Those are our next 2 running backs after D’Andre Swift and Elijah Holyfield.


I told you Jeremiah Holloman would be our star and would play in the NFL. Kirby has thrown less than 2 passes a game to Jeremiah Holloman.


It’s just criminal.


Terry Godwin has 8 passes all season. Game 9 next.


We might throw him one ball against Kentucky.


Charlie Woerner only has 6 passes thrown to him all year. I told you he would be All-America for us. Not if we never give him the God Damn football.


D’Marcus Hayes has played in 2 games.

Netori Johnson has played in 4 games.

Kearis Jackson has played in 4 games.

Any other team would die to have these guys out there playing and with 94 who have played an average of 7 games each that these guys get this underutilized by Kirby not only makes no sense but SMACKS of Kirby telling THE WORLD he is in charge forget you.  That’s how it strikes me never mind Jeff Sentell can’t make the God Damn point.  I can.

Jamaree Salyer should be playing a LOT more so we are dominating on offense.  He’s not so we’re not.

Trey Hill has been underutilized as well other than some play against Vanderbilt.  That’s it really Vanderbilt.  Vanderbilt.  Jesus Christ Kirby play these guys.


It doesn’t make sense what’s going-on on Kirby’s offense at ALL.


I sent Kirby an e-mail and I’m waiting for his reply now if these guys are just in his doghouse or what ?


Some of my favorite players don’t get to do much most especially on Offense.  It’s the Offense where Kirby meddles too much about who should NOT PLAY much.  Tindall, Walker, Cox and Andersen have all played more on defense than Kirby allows similar players to play on offense to have an impact.  Kirby rotates his defense.  His offense Kirby plays favoritism. There really is no other name unless you want to say that Kirby is BIASED against younger players because HE IS.  This blog right here has highlighted this 2016 2017 and now 2018 hasn’t it ?


Now everyone else agrees with me. I wonder why that is ?


Mark Richt averaged 9 wins a season in 15-game seasons for the top teams.  Mark Richt did not have this depth of talent that Kirby has because he averaged the # 8 recruiting class a number so bad that Kirby hasn’t had a recruiting class ranked that badly yet that Mark Richt averaged.


Mark Richt could NOT bring these players in at this level.  Kirby is.  For now he is.  I want Kirby to sustain bringing in THIS LEVEL TALENT considered the # 1 recruiting class in the nation 2018.  Kirby is GOING TO HAVE TO PUT THESE TOP RECRUITS ON THE FIELD or suffer the consequences that elite talent will elude Kirby in the future as it did to Mark Richt averaging 9 wins a season in 15-game seasons.


That is not acceptable averaging # 8 recruiting ranking every year with Mark Richt in this state the # 3 or # 4 best state for talent with no one in-state competing with us for them.  And that is not acceptable averaging 9 wins a season with Mark Richt in 15- game seasons for the top teams.


THIS is why Mark Richt was FIRED.


Kirby is doing better.  He just isn’t playing his top talent he himself recruited here.  And it is going to catch-up with Kirby if he continues down this butthole stubborn road of NOT PLAYING his top talent a LOT more.


Kirby is averaging OVER MORE THAN 10 wins a season.  Mark Richt did NOT.


But we are 7-1 and we did beat Florida 2 years in a row and 5 years of the last 8. That’s a lot better than Mark Richt was doing. And better than Mark Richt is doing in the easier ACC conference.


Jeff Sentell did a study of Kirby’s habits of recruiting top players and not playing them.  He arbitrarily set a 10-game starter role rule for Kirby to achieve with his recruits yet here we are only 8 games played 2018.  So that’s so much bullshit then as usual from that little shit Jeff Sentell.  THE FACTS ARE that Kirby has NOT played his own recruits much to-date.  They are significantly better players and higher ranked prospects than we have been getting.  But they are HELD BACK aren’t they ?


I have pointed THAT FACT out each and every season starting with 2016.  Kirby is hard-headed about NOT playing his top recruits.  It is what he does.  Yes he has played 94 players but the FACTS ARE that 8 games have been played and 94 players have pretty much averaged 7 games played each but the top recruits don’t play much.


It’s weird how Kirby doesn’t play them much.


20 of the 94 have played-in only one game (13) or in only 2 games (7.)  Give those snaps to the 2nd teamers and I for one would be happier today than sitting here seeing the FACTS that Kirby is NOT playing his top recruits enough.


Did you get that ?




Did I mention that Mark Richt is an UNRANKED cupcake in the first College Football Playoff Poll 2018-2019 season ?  He LOST to another CUPCAKE you know ?


I want to see our stars playing more.  That is what I am paying my money for and I don’t give a shit what Kirby thinks about me saying this.


When you have two dozen 5-star recruits and two dozen top recruits in the top 99 best overall prospects EVERY year now with Kirby compared to less than a handful in total 5-star recruits under FIRED Mark Richt then you are going to have a better team.


Thankfully we have that.


THAT is NOT MY GOAL.  If it is your goal to be better than Mark Richt you can stick it up your God Damn asshole as far as I am concerned.  I want MORE.


Mark Richt’s last entire 8 years here he averaged 4 losses per year.  He lost to a cupcake EVERY YEAR sometimes 2 and he lost to every top team he ever played his last entire 8 years here.  He had to go.  Comparing Kirby to THAT is comparing Kirby to that which is UNACCEPTABLE.


I want more.  I hope that is clear ?


You did not criticize Mark Richt when he was here.  I did.




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