# 9 Kentucky unwelcomes # 6 Georgia Bulldogs but Kentucky strength of schedule is only # 58 to UGA # 16 SoS. We scored 43 on Missouri while Kentucky took overtime to score 15. We’re going to kick losing record Mark Stoops’ ass. 43 to 17. “Oh they have twenty-one 5-stars and we have NONE so we don’t think that means shit. Our 3-stars are better than their 5-stars. It’s political how a person is a 3-star the # 21 SEC running back by yards per carry and # 58 running back nationally when I was recruited. I’m Benny Snell Jr. I’m going to kick Georgia Bulldogs’ ass.”

Kentucky is undisciplined with tons of penalties nearly leading the nation in penalties. They have run their God Damn mouths all week. Their coach SUCKS. Mark Stoops is an overweight has-been assistant coach whom no one would hire as coach. His record in The SEC is a LOSING RECORD.


Kentucky is running its mouth.  Guys who aren’t any good saying how great they are.


By trade Mark Stoops coaches defensive backs. He has absolutely NO TRAINING or EXPERIENCE on an offense and Kentucky’s offense shows it with loads of meddling by Mark Stoops.


Mark Stoops has not been able to recruit and lacks talent.


# 118 Passing Offense Mark Stoops has serious issues even wanting to pass the ball down the field.


Kentucky has played a VERY WEAK SCHEDULE so their defensive stats are overblown. We will kick their asses.


# 58 at fumbles LOST Kentucky puts the ball on the turf every other series all year long.


I’m glad they think they’re # 9 and we # 6.


# 58 Strength of Schedule Kentucky Georgia is # 16 SoS.


Mark Stoops’ only winning record in football is 7-6 which he did twice but lost his bowl game both times. He sucks.


Mark Stoops only plays Georgia all the rest the way. One team.


The combined record of Kentucky’s remaining 3 games after Georgia is 10-14 LOSING RECORD.


I don’t care about Kentucky.


Mark Stoops ? He is a God Damn fat FOOL.


I am glad they beat Missouri on a bad play call.


Missouri isn’t any good. Missouri does not even have a winning record. We scored 43 points at Missouri. Kentucky took overtime to score 15 points on Missouri a has-been team 2018 again.


We are so going to kick Kentucky’s arrogant ass.  Mark Stoops’ best season is a 7-win season in 15-game season for the top teams.  His overall record is a LOSING RECORD.  And this is whom it is who runs their God Damn mouths all week long.




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