Bulldogs bite blue pussiecats of Kentucky in the ass after Kentucky’s weeklong SMACK TALK about how they were going to beat The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs. Instead UGA doubled-up # 9 Kentucky to increase our Strength of Schedule to # 9

Jake Fromm was sacked 3 times again and did fumble twice again but Kentucky was no match for his passing nor able to stop our running game.


29 nothing Alabama over LSU propels # 6 UGA up one spot to # 5 while LSU who LOST to Florida adds their second loss of the season already and drops worse in the rankings than Georgia whom LSU beat at their house.


The 2 fumbles left us short of my prediction of 47 to 17 but 34 to 17 is just fine with me.


I was glad to see Kirby let the overall national second best recruit Justin Fields come in the game and at least run a couple of times.


I still say Justin Fields is our best quarterback.


The undisciplined nature of their fumbles and penalties I called pregame as well.


Benny Snell Jr. was full of shit with his guarantees pregame as I pointed-out before the game that Kentucky’s strength of schedule had only been # 58 so he hadn’t really faced the level of opponent Georgia is. Nor had Kentucky faced the level of opponents Georgia has.  So their defensive stats also were overblown.


I rightfully called ALL OF THAT for the entire last week on THIS BLOG RIGHT HERE.


Our Official NCAA Strength of Schedule increased from # 16 to # 9 now for the season so far.  Compare this to Notre Dame at # 60 Strength of Schedule. The storyline preseason was that we had an easy schedule. Now as it turns out we have the # 9 toughest schedule in the United States of America.


Yes we LOST to LSU but they LOST to Florida and now have 2 losses on the season.  So they are ranked worse than us who beat us at their house.


And because all these teams ranked in fact ahead of us have none of them played opponents who are 47-24 on the season.


See toughest schedules :









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