Duke with its LOSING RECORD in the ACC beat Mark Richt and Miami of Florida for their 3rd loss in a row – like Mark Richt did last year losing 3 games in row at the end of last season too. Mark Richt has now LOST 4 games 2018. Mark Richt is a CUPCAKE. This drops Mark Richt to .6857 win percentage at Miami of Florida. I thought you said you were going to be a God Damn Miami of Florida fan now ? Well punks ? Kirby doubles-up # 9 Kentucky 34-17 to go to .7838 win percentage. Recap .7838 Kirby .6857 Mark Richt.

You God Damn Mark Richtophiles Apologists can stick it up your God Damn assholes.




Mark Richt FAILED to win The SEC Championship












Ten (10) consecutive years the 3rd longest streak UGA did not win The SEC Championship.


That’s how bad Mark Richt was when YOU SAID TO ME that YOU had become a Miami of Florida fan.


Here shove this up your God Damn asshole.


.6857 Mark Richt Miami of Florida

.7838 Kirby since I FIRED Mark Richt for NOT WINNING


One is winning nearly 80 % of his games while the other is nearly winning only 2 of 3 games in a far easier conference.


Mark Richt doesn’t even play Clemson the only team in the ACC.




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