Auburn checks-in at number 24 in the College Football Playoff Poll which is the ONLY poll to matter at all all season long until December 2 – then it never gets updated after December 2 and all the other polls then are relevant again. Their object is to determine national champion with CFP Poll but they NEVER have a poll after their CFP Poll coming-out after The SEC Championship Game.


Of course the FINAL College Football Playoff Poll for 2018 will be December 2 after Georgia and Alabama face each other in The SEC Championship Game.


Stupid shits who designed the College Football Playoff Poll do NOT have a poll at ALL after the national championship game so the final CFP Poll for this 2018 season is December 2.


In fact ALL POLLS wait from December 2 all the way until the NC Game is complete to come out with their final polls for the 2018-2019 season January 8.


Where is Mark Richt ranked in the polls this year ?


ANSWER: he’s not.





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