california_dawg ” I don’t understand why any Dawg fan would celebrate Mark Richt’s struggles with such glee.” You have got to be kidding me ? Right ? Mark Richt is NOT our coach. He was FIRED. What he did the last 8 years here is what he is doing at Miami of Florida. YOU TOLD ME you were now a Miami of Florida fan. I said I HATE Mark Richt and everything he God Damn Stands For.

So Mark Richt has LOST CONTROL at Miami of Florida just as he LOST CONTROL here his last 8 years.


Now Mark Richt has won 5 games over all cupcakes and LOST 7 games (including several cupcakes) of his last dozen games.


Guess what ?




Why would I take such glee that Mark Richt is winning about 2 losing 1 at Miami of Florida since he got there and that Kirby has won nearly 8 of 10 here in the same timeframe ?



Because Kirby is my coach.


Who the hell is your coach california_dawg  ?






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