D. J. Durkin was fired mid last week a guy who previously was the DC Florida Gators and DC Michigan. D. J. Durkin’s strength coach Rick Court was fired before this season for abusive training when 1 Maryland player Jordan McNair died early August 2018. Maryland was in the ACC and now Big 10. Their AD is Damon Evans. Damon Evans wants our DC as their head coach Mel Tucker. Mel Tucker worked for Ohio State Georgia Alabama and LSU plus extensive NFL Coaching experience after playing for Wisconsin of the Big 10.

DJ Durkin was paid $2.5 million.


We pay Mel Tucker 1.5 million.


Mel Tucker hasn’t had our players sacking opposing quarterbacks.


That has been by design.


It’s really Kirby’s defense.


$1.5 million is realty the maximum anyone pays an assistant college coach.


You can’t hold back guys like this and Maryland is a good solid football program with a  winning record all-time at 52 percent winning percentage.


They would be doubling his salary.  We are not going to match that.


Dell McGee is who should haven been made defensive coordinator and now then if Mel Tucker leaves will be in my humble opinion despite Dell McGee being an offensive genius.


We are not going to hold back Dell McGee either.


I would instantly make  Dell McGee defensive coordinator.  I thought he should have been made OC.



Dell McGee is our best coach and best recruiter.


Promote Dell McGee Kirby.







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