Coach Dell McGee is MY HERO and I want him promoted to defensive coordinator when Mel Tucker is hired as head coach at Maryland which is a fine fit for him and a good job twice what we can pay Mel Tucker. You have to want what is good for your men coaching our guys.

1973 to 1985 Maryland was the # 17 best college football program in America.

1949 to 1955 Maryland was the # 2 best college football program in America.


Maryland is # 59 all-time in college football wins at

644 589 43 .522


There are 129 FBS teams # 59 is fine really.


You can’t judge Maryland by Georgia.


Georgia isn’t hiring Mel Tucker as head coach.


2 dozen reports report that Maryland wants Mel Tucker AND that Mel Tucker wants Maryland.


Why not ?


Someone is going to take the job.


And Mel Tucker is going somewhere.


Who cares who or where ?  It’s just when.  And what then FOR US ?


Wake up.


I realize that these were a long time ago when Maryland was relevant and that Maryland up and joined the Big Ten where they were placed in the East with Ohio State Michigan Michigan State and Penn State all in the East of the B1G with Maryland but the facts are Maryland is fertile recruiting ground and Mel Tucker is a Big Ten guy.  Mel Tucker is going somewhere because he is maxed out on salary as assistant coach and has to become head coach.


Frankly Maryland is a good football program at 52 % win percentage all-time.  It’s Big Ten for God’s sake.  It’s DMV for heaven sake.  District of Columbia is made up of Maryland and Virginia.  They do play and follow football there.  DMV=District Maryland and Virginia.  Not every place is Georgia or Ohio State.  Maryland is a reasonable starting point for Mel Tucker.  They can double his salary and he would be happy.  We can’t match that offer.  Damon Evans red panties wants Mel Tucker and that fits his style to go after Mel Tucker.  Any way someone is going to hire Mel Tucker.  It’s a salary issue.


When not if or where is all that remains for Mel Tucker at Georgia.  So what do we do when ?  If or where doesn’t matter.


Coach Dell McGee is responsible for recruiting Justin Fields Zamir White James Cook and Brenton Cox the # 1 overall recruit # 1 dual-threat QB # 1 and # 3 running backs and # 2 strong side defensive end in the nation and Jamaree Salyer # 1 Offensive Guard in the NATION and Jake Camarda and D’Andre Swift and Andrew Thomas and Dominick Blaylock. Azeez Ojulari. Chris Smith. Elijah Holyfield.


44-year old Auburn grad whose word means something Coach Dell McGee.


I am stumping for Coach Dell McGee to be named Defensive Coordinator replacing Mel Tucker leaving to be head coach at Maryland for Athletics Director Damon Evans.


Maryland is a very good college football program and a great fit for Mel Tucker.


Best of luck to all involved.




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