Tom Herman and trophy wife Michelle BOTH fail to DENY reports of infidelity with MULTIPLE sex partners including PROSTITUTE Masseuse and Cheerleader. Tom Herman is ONLY 61 percent win percentage at Texas 14-9 not very good. Will his recruiting take a hit now ? What does Courtney Smith know about Tom Herman’s sex life from Michelle Herman ? Can’t the sex partners easily be run down like the cheerleader for example ? And like the jack parlor for example ? How can Tom Herman TRY to IGNORE all this ? All of these alleged sex indiscretions occurred at Ohio State but what has been going-on at Texas ? I am to believe nothing ? Tom Herman turning down Georgia has already been a blessing for us. Now this…

If I were innocent of these charges I would have ALREADY have responded long before now.


Does Tom Herman think this is going away ?


Does Michelle ?


Does Courtney Smith ?


Who are these folks Tom Herman sent to discuss all this ?


Tom Herman admits he gave monies to Courtney Smith last year.  Tom Herman was at Texas last year as the head coach at Texas.


Is that hush money ?


Well is it ?


What does Courtney Smith know about Tom Herman and his sex exploits ?


Why is no one at the University of Texas all over this ?


Maryland does not even have a winning record and they beat Tom Herman this year.


Oklahoma State does not even have a winning record and they beat Tom Herman this year.


Has Tom Herman been distracted by all this ?  Is that why Tom Herman is losing game after game 2018 to lousy stinking unranked CUPCAKES ?


Michelle Herman


Why does she stay with Tom Herman ?

Everybody else knows about all this too and she stays anyway ?

Recruits taken to strip clubs.  Why has this not been brought out before now ?

Michelle Herman is it the over $ 5 million dollars Texas is paying Tom Herman that has not had you come forward on this long before now like when you and your husband were at Ohio State on sleeze bag Urban Meyer’s staff as Offensive Coordinator.  Urban Meyer was suspended for game after game after game this 2018 season for his involvement in COVERING-UP all the sexual abuse charges against Zach Smith.


Now this…


Stay tuned…




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