# 5 Consensus Kirby 2018 while Mark Richt is UNRANKED 5-5. Mark Richt whom we FIRED for LOSING 4 games per season for his last entire 8 years here. 32 losses 2008 to 2015 Mark Richt. LOST 4 games in row 2016 in EASIER ACC (which is only one team anyway – – – and he doesn’t play Clemson.) Then last season after LOSING 4 games in a row 2016 Mark Richt LOST 4 games to end last year and to start this year wrapped-around. Now 2018 AGAIN Mark Richt has LOST again 4 games in a GOD DAMN ROW AGAIN. Every year it’s the SAME GOD DAMN thing for Mark Richt the dumbass and POOR COACH. We fired him from Georgia for CAUSE. Mark Richt said he wasn’t JUDGED by wins and losses. Yeah he was and is being AGAIN. Isn’t he ? You Mark Richt Apologists Miami of Florida fans are some serious dumbasses. Aren’t you sitting there STILL defending Mark Richt. Good luck with that.

Mark Richt Apologists said they were NOW Miami of Florida fans.


  1. LOST 4 games in a row 2016
  2. LOST 4 games in a row to end 2017 with the 1 to start 2018
  3. LOST 4 games in a row now 2018 too
  4. LOST 4 games season last entire 8 years here of 32 losses 2008-2015
  5. 8-5 if wins out average 9-win seasons Miami in 15-game seasons top teams


I told you so.


You said that was great averaging 9 wins a season as he is in his 3 years at Miami of Florida if he wins out 2018-2019 season averaging 9-win seasons at Miami of Florida in 15-game seasons for the top teams.  Meanwhile winning 2 of 3 at Miami Mark Richt .67 win percentage is doing far worse than Kirby who will be .80 percent win percentage after this regular season is over.


Which – – – is and which isn’t – – – great Mark Richt at Miami of Florida… or Kirby here ?


Dumbasses.  I find it utterly amazing that Mark Richt Apologists can’t bring themselves to admit that I was right from 2008 to 2015 and now until 2018.


“Oh I want my son to play for Mark Richt.  Mark Richt is a fine man.  Mark Richt averages 9/10 wins a year (in 15-game seasons for the top teams.)”  You can average 9 wins a season and not even be in the top 25.  Mark Richt was NOT in the top 25 AP Poll four of his last 8 years here – half the time.  Now he isn’t ranked at Miami of Florida in the FAR EASIER ACC only 5-5 with LOSS after LOSS to God Damn CUPCAKES.


Mark Richt NOT ranked Top 25 AP Poll :






Half the time his last 8 years at Georgia Mark Richt was an UNRANKED CUPCAKE not in the Top 25 AP Poll.   But YOU SAID TO ME that I could not criticize Mark Richt for that with the average # 7 Scout.com recruiting rankings.  Mark Richt lost to 1 cupcake every year and sometimes 2.  Mark Richt lost 18 of his last 24 games against top 15 teams.  Georgia Bulldogs are # 11 all-time in wins.  Mark Richt was # 45 vs top 15 teams his last entire 8 years here 2008 to 2015 with his stinking record of only 6 wins his last 24 games vs top 15 here at Georgia who is the # 11 team all-time.


It was BAD COACHING – same as it is at Miami of Florida.


I told you we would be better-off without Mark Richt.  You said ban my posts.  You said I did not have the RIGHT to say that.


Yeah I did.


You’re a proven dumbass still sitting there squirming in your God Damn Panties trying to dream-up some God Damn EXCUSE to defend Mark Richt even now today.


Good luck with that.


.80 percent win percentage when this regular season is over Kirby

.67 percent win percentage Mark Richt Miami Florida (LOST 12 of 36)


Lake Lanier is back to full pool and Georgia is back to winning like we always have at # 11 all-time in wins no thanks to YOU who defended Mark Richt for his poor coaching and bad record his last entire 8 years here and now at Miami too.  You just didn’t know.  You didn’t want to know.  Know this.  Mark Richt is NOT the coach Kirby is.  Dumbasses.


“A good case can be made that Mark Richt should not have been fired.”  You December 2015.

“I don’t think Mark Richt is going to lose his job at Georgia.”  You November 2015.

“Can’t deny that it was a decision that couldn’t be justified.”  You January 2016.


Frankly you are STILL making excuses for Mark Richt.


Good luck with that.






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