12 Players Kirby is Redshirting 2018 : Netori Johnson-4 Kearis Jackson-4 Chris Smith-3 D’Marcus Hayes-2 Ameer Speed-2 Azeez Ojulari-1 Warren Ericson-1 Owen Condon-1 John FitzPatrick-1 Tommy Bush-1 Zamir White-0 Divaad Wilson-0

Matt Landers (RedFr) has only played in 3 games 2018 but Kirby redshirted the # 57 nationally WR Tampa 2017 so he can play against UMass and Georgia Tech.  Georgia Tech has gotten better as the season progresses so Matt Landers might play in the 4 games NCAA allows 2018 season and still be redshirted but is not eligible for redshirt again 2018 season.  This one counts for Matt Landers who is unlikely to play in any bowl game.  It seems like a waste to me to recruit a WR never play him and maybe not be able to play him after UMass.  You only get 85 scholarships so this is a MISS by Kirby.  They do not all work out.  This one was a gamble from the start.  Kirby thought that since he is 6′ 5″ that he could catch jump balls in the end zone or for first downs.  Instead he occupies a precious 85 Scholarships and will 2019 2020 and 2021.  Matt get your degree as fast as you can like by next year.  I did that at Georgia and you can too.  Maybe Kirby can work him in more next year when we are far more talented at WR going-into 2019 than we were going-into 2018.  All Matt Landers has is his Scholarship which is NOT insignificant now is it ?


Michael Chigbu (Sr) took medical redshirt 2018-2019 season as I said Kirby would do all along.  Thanks Michael for all you did for Georgia.  Good Job !  We love you.  This did not count toward our 85 Scholarships 2018-2019 season and provided a complete and Full Scholarship which Bluto thinks is shit and which I think is worth 5 million dollars since that is what I have earned so far as UGA grad.  Of course I am NOT a lawyer.  I did take every Law Course UGA offered and made straight A every single class but that was NOT my declared Major.  I actually could have claimed Double Major in 3 different studies but claimed only one.  I had 239 hours when 185 was all that was needed.  I did this in 3 years going each Summer.  I had a 3.88 GPA at The University of Georgia.  I mention this because Senator of NOTHING Bluto says that a degree is NOT worth 5 million dollars to these student-athletes and I say it is.  In fact it is closer to $6 million dollars my degree is worth now from UGA.  I do not suffer dumb shits well.  Bluto that would be YOU boy !


The truth of the matter is that the VAST MAJORITY of our 85 Scholarship players each day ONLY have their Scholarship to show for what they did in college other than the memories of practice and sometimes games.  On the average two dozen Scholarship Players do NOT play in a game that week.  When I say play I am talking about one snap maybe on special teams as time expires.  I never got that.  But I do have my degree to which I credit rightfully so my taxable income.


D’Marcus Hayes (RedSr) has played in only 2 games 2018-2019 season.  Kirby redshirted D’Marcus Hayes 2017-2018 season last year so this is JUCO transfer last season.  If he gets snap against UMass that or Georgia Tech is his last in UGA uniform.  I hoped for more.  It didn’t work out.  Again all he has is his UGA Scholarship.  Get your degree from UGA D’Marcus Hayes.  Thank you sir !


Sam Madden (Medical Redshirt Jr no longer counts toward 85 but does keep his Scholarship 2018-2019 season in fact has one more by my count next year 2019.) Sam Madden too like all these listed in this post has ONLY his Scholarship from UGA no small feat I might add.


Justin Young (RedJr) DT played one game 2018 so far might play UMass Redshirted 2015 by Mark Richt will be Redshirt Senior 2019-2020 season when we have so much depth that we seriously are contender Playoffs next season.  Grayson.  Kirby played Justin Young 9 games 2016 and 4 games 2017.  Undersized for DL not fast enough for LB.


Rashad Roundtree (Medical Redshirt Sr no longer counts toward 85 keeps his Scholarship for this year.)


Tray Bishop Terrell County 2017 no game played 2017 or 2018 Cornerback.


Latavious Brini (rsFr) played in 3 games 2018 but already took his redshirt year DB.


Jaden Hunter Westlake played 2 games 2017 so that is redshirt year played one game 2018 and that counts as Freshman Year this year then LB.


Divaad Wilson (Fr – ACL March 2018 obvious medical redshirt as I see it 2018 not counted in 13 DB)




Of course I am calling for Justin Fields to hit the field Saturday against UMass and play all the second half and half the first half with Downing riding the bench to get Justin Fields his snaps and his passes.  Justin Fields looked rusty last week to me.


Kirby does NOT fool me one bit.  I have Kirby totally figured-out on who he is redshirting this 2018-2019 season : Redshirt 2018 listed with the number of games played so far up to 4 and can redshirt :

  1. Netori Johnson-4
  2. Kearis Jackson-4
  3. Chris Smith-3
  4. D’Marcus Hayes-2
  5. Ameer Speed-2
  6. Azeez Ojulari-1
  7. Warren Ericson-1
  8. Owen Condon-1
  9. John FitzPatrick-1
  10. Tommy Bush-1
  11. Zamir White-0
  12. Divaad Wilson (Fr – ACL March 2018 obvious medical redshirt as I see it 2018 not counted in 13 DB)






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