Kirby as the organ grinder hasn’t pulled-out all the stops in the organ and frankly it’s puzzling.

Kirby has played it too close to the vest for 3 years now and today we will see Justin Fields flash.


There is NO QUESTION that Jake Fromm has led this top-rated talent-based team to top results but the facts are that all he does is pass and frankly he sucks at that by comparison.


We should be trying to show what we can do passing the ball not be the # 100 passing team every year of the Kirby Era.


It has helped our defense to be so numbingly run-oriented but our special teams and our offense could be far more dynamic than we have in Kirby’s first 3 years.


You don’t want to hear about Justin Fields again ?


Then maybe you should tell Jake Fromm to do a better job passing the ball or a better job of running the ball than he has his first two years because 2019 Justin Fields is taking Jake Fromm’s job and 2020 Justin Fields is going to be a First Round NFL Draft Pick.


Jake Fromm ?


I am NOT seeing it.


I do not believe that Jake Fromm will be a First Round NFL Draft Pick and certainly not a year early as Justin Fields most assuredly will be.


Kirby has insisted on playing Justin Fields.


So Kirby must be convinced that Justin Fields is our future or he would not be taking snaps away from our Starting QB.


The facts of the matter are that Justin Fields ALREADY is a more complete better and more polished quarterback than Jake Fromm.


Only Jake Fromm can not go early to the NFL and leave the job to Justin Fields because well he can’t run and frankly can’t pass.


He also leads the team in fumbles and sacks and someone outside of me is going to tell you how many times Jake Fromm is sacked and how many times Jake Fromm puts the ball on the ground.  It’s astounding.


Jake Fromm is not the talent that Justin Fields is.


Get over it that I have to tell you that while in your heart you know that already.


Don’t you ?


You told me Justin Fields would be redshirted this year and I told you that Kirby was quite insistent that Justin Fields was going to come-in and play for Jake Fromm.  He has done just exactly that.  I am convinced by watching them both that it is Justin Fields who is our better quarterback.






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