Last year’s 13 wins ties most wins ever by UGA team. Today would be win # 11 with 2 games maybe 3 remaining. This year’s senior class can notch win # 42 at noon today against 11 losses with the most ever 44 wins with again 2 more games maybe even 3 more games (if we beat Alabama next week.) All that out the window if we don’t beat 7-4 Georgia Tech fresh off NCAA Probation for habitual systemic CHEATING caring about nothing but their hatred of UGA even in their fight song.

66-39-5 two wins by every player Georgia Tech could find from any team in America and not even students at Georgia Tech during both World War I and World War II not included.


There are 17 rivalries with more games played than Georgia against Georgia Tech who have played 112 times, such as Georgia Auburn for example who have played each other 122 times which finds only 2 rivalries with more games played.


The 2 rivalries which have played more than the 122 times Georgia Auburn has played are Cincinnati against Miami of Ohio hardly the tradition of Georgia Auburn and Minnesota Wisconsin again hardly the tradition of Georgia Auburn.


Last year Georgia won our 11th game against Georgia Tech in-route to our 13-win season beating Georgia Tech who ended their season with the loss 5-6 on the year.


Georgia Tech would like nothing better than to revenge that loss.  Any year is a success if they beat UGA no matter what else happens against everyone else combined.  We have no such motivation against the nerds as it would be better if we didn’t play them at all as they haven’t played football over there on the flats starting 1957.


Georgia Florida comes next for Georgia rivalries with 95 games because Florida wasn’t a school or something along those lines FU argues.


As to why Georgia Georgia Tech hasn’t been played more than it has you can thank the God Damn Cheaters at Georgia Tech for that.


Can’t you ?


We have EVERYTHING to lose.


We have NOTHING to GAIN playing Georgia Tech.


They’re an unranked CUPCAKE.


We’re top 5.


10 times we’ve been top 5 playing Georgia Tech.  We won all 10 such games.


2016 Georgia Tech was UNRANKED.

2017 Georgia Tech had a LOSING RECORD.

2018 Georgia Tech is UNRANKED.


Georgia Tech is and remains a CUPCAKE.


Starting 1957 Georgia Tech is 6-5 for 61 years now of futility.


44-17 starting 1957 Georgia has won nearly 3 of out of every 4 for 61 years against Georgia Tech.


They don’t play defense and never have under Paul Johnson.  And they don’t throw the football and never have under Paul Johnson.  Paul Johnson also can’t recruit with average # 53 recruiting classes for 11 years now of 7-5 average record.




Beating them accomplishes NOTHING.


Jake Fromm is 8-3 against ranked teams and 22-3 overall as Starting UGA QB.


We are 3-3 in The SEC Championship Game but that game is not today at noon.


37 percent of our plays are passing plays 263 of 719 offensive plays.


Georgia Tech is number 127 of 129 FBS teams at stopping 3rd Down Conversions.


We’re going to kick their asses like our Daddies always have.


The God Damn CHEATERS Georgia Tech.  The series started in 1893 when Georgia Tech hired players off our UGA winning team 1892 to compete against us 1893.  They wrecked their train back from Athens hitting a freight train they ran-up on in Lawrenceville. The headlines read 1893 Rambling Wreck limps back in to Atlanta.  It’s NOT a Model T from 1914 which is the namesake of the Ramblin’ Wreck now is it ?




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