Georgia destroys Georgia Tech who simply could not stop UGA today while Michigan LOSES at # 4 to move UGA into the College Football Playoffs at # 4 however UGA still MUST beat Alabama Saturday while Alabama can afford to lose to UGA and STILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. I told you Michigan would lose didn’t I ? I told you I was NOT WORRIED about Michigan didn’t I ?

I told you Michigan would lose.  I told you I was NOT worried about Michigan being ranked ahead of us because their tough game was at the end of the year.  Michigan just had an easy schedule.  We beat Michigan too and I called THAT as well early this year that we would beat Michigan 2018 and that Michigan would NOT be in the playoffs because other teams too would beat them.  They did. I was right.


I tell you now again we can beat Clemson and we can beat Notre Dame.  Clearly.  Both of them lose multiple games in The SEC 2018 I assure you.  Clemson and Notre Dame are on borrowed time.  There isn’t a team in the ACC and Notre Dame should have lost several games too if they played in The SEC 2018.  That neither did play in The SEC 2018 is just setting them both up for the fall.  They both fall.  We beat both as plain as day.


Those 2 teams are in with Alabama and the only question is whether it will be Georgia joining them by beating Alabama or whether it is someone else backs-in because we FAIL to do that which we MUST to beat Alabama.  Someone we beat like Oklahoma.  So it’s Georgia Alabama Clemson and Notre Dame.  Or it’s we lose and Oklahoma gets in who we would beat once again obviously.


We are going to have to beat Alabama to win a national championship.  Get used to it.


It was a stomping by Jake Fromm’s offense today and we’re going to need that Saturday to have ANY HOPE of getting close to Alabama.


Alabama might have been surprised by UGA last year but Alabama is going to be ready for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs this year.


I called The SEC Championship for Georgia last year pre-season and every week all season.  This year I NEVER HAVE.


Bring on Alabama.  I love playing Alabama.  Win and we’re in the playoffs and so would be Alabama with our win Saturday over them too.


Lose and we’re out which is not so with Alabama.  Alabama is playing with house money Saturday.


Our backs are up against the wall thanks to losing to LSU and frankly having our butts beat by LSU who was SHUT-OUT 29 to nothing by Alabama while LSU lost 3 games this year.


2 conferences are wasting their time playing conference championship games since Big 10 and Pac-12 are both of them on the outside looking-in…




And the Big XII is out of the playoffs too if we can knock-off Alabama.  Otherwise a team we beat Oklahoma is in the playoffs when we easily and handily beat Oklahoma.  It’s a shame but that is what this is all about.  It’s our fault.  3 other teams beat LSU and they slaughtered us at their house.  Alabama loses a game like that every year.  Let’s let THAT be Saturday !


None of the teams in the Big 10 nor the Pac-12 deserve to be playing in the playoffs and so they won’t.  The truth of the matter is that Georgia 2018 can beat Clemson 2018 and Georgia 2018 can beat Notre Dame 2018.


The facts are that to win a national championship we’re going to have to beat Alabama and maybe twice in the same year so we might as well buck-up and get her done.  We play Alabama as well as any team and always have as well.  Alabama is not a better school is not from a state with better players and should not be a better football program but they are because they had the # 1 recruiting class 6 years in a row until Kirby dethroned them this year.


Beat Alabama !


Auburn beat Alabama last year 2017 while Auburn lost 4 games.  Clemson beat Alabama the year before 2016 while Clemson lost 2016 to a lousy 5-loss Pittsburgh.  Ole Miss beat Alabama the year before that while Ole Miss too lost 3 games that year too 2015.  The year before that 2014 Alabama lost to Ole Miss again who lost 4 games 2014 and Alabama in 2014 lost to Ohio State who lost a game 2014.  Alabama can be beat.  You know what you have to do to beat Alabama.  Let’s go do it !  Alabama lost 2 games again in 2013.  Alabama lost in 2012.  Alabama lost in 2011.  And Alabama lost 3 games in 2010.  The facts are someone has beat Alabama every year except 2009 and the year before that in 2008 Alabama lost 2 games.


Alabama can be beat.  You just have to make your mind up and want it.


We proved we can beat Alabama last year when the God Damn Big 10 Officials STOLE the national championship win over them from us.


We can beat Alabama.




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