12-win mark for 9th time in last 11 seasons Alabama leads the all-time series 25-39-4 while Las Vegas says # 1 consensus Alabama by 13 and a half points over # 4 consensus UGA. Alabama is already in and UGA must beat Alabama to join Alabama in the playoffs Saturday 4 p.m. Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

It does not matter that we are # 4.  We were always in with a win over Alabama who is a 13 and a half point favorite – a huge no respect margin.  If that happens then we are playing Ohio State in Sugar Bowl.  Texas does not deserve us and I don’t want to play Oklahoma twice in a row while Michigan does not deserve us but if it can’t be Ohio State then I would take Michigan if their huge no respect 13 and a half points margin is right.  We play Alabama as well as any team in the nation and we would beat Clemson and would beat Notre Dame but this is not what this is about.  We have to beat Alabama but they don’t have to beat us to be in the playoffs because they beat 3-loss LSU 29 to nothing while LSU kicked our butts 16-36 at their house.  Either we beat Alabama or we are OUT.  Not fair.  Is what it is.  It’s not fair because I am certain we beat Clemson and know we beat Notre Dame too.




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