What do you have to do to be the team who beats Alabama this year ?

  1. stop the run
  2. pressure Tua
  3. mix up when you are passing
  4. not run the ball every down giving away it’s a run
  5. we passed 36 percent of our plays 2018 passing plays
  6. run first down
  7. run second down
  8. pass 3rd down
  9. that is NOT going to work against Alabama change it up
  10. get the ball out FAST when we are passing it
  11. keep our mouths shut between now and our last game
  12. even if we beat Alabama we’ll have to beat them again 2018-2019 season
  13. you said we didn’t have win LSU players read that you were scared of LSU
  14. I told you we could NOT afford to lose to LSU
  15. now our backs are up against the wall we have to beat Alabama
  16. we can beat Clemson Notre Dame and Oklahoma –
  17. that is not who we’re playing
  18. we have to beat Alabama
  19. as in anything you have to WANT to win
  20. you’ve got to WANT IT !
  21. our special teams are going to have to make it happen for us
  22. forget that Big 10 officials stole NC last year from us against Alabama
  23. focus on what we did right in that game and do it again
  24. get after Tua – this sit back and let him pick us apart doesn’t work
  25. does it Kirby ?



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