Well SEC Championship Game tomorrow SEC Champions against defending national champions (ONLY because the Big 10 officials STOLE the GOD DAMN GAME from The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.) Revenge ? Hell NO. There ain’t no God Damn Revenge or NOTHING ! # 46 best University U.S. News and World Report Rankings UGA vs # 129 Alabama college

We’ll be there.


Are you going ?


Alabama fans are ALL folks with NO TIES to Alabama at all whatsoever.  They are just only merely folks who like to root for a winner so they pick Alabama to be a fan of so they can feel good about themselves rooting for “their team.”


Georgia Bulldog fans grew-up being Bulldogs.  Our parents were too.  We didn’t pick Georgia because Georgia is good.  We picked Georgia because it is our school.  It is our particular right of possession or privilege we have from birth.  It is our birthright to be Georgians to be Atlantans to be Georgia Bulldogs.  If I have to explain to you that we consider ourselves The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs then you are NOT from here don’t know jack shit about us or our history and are NOT Georgia Bulldogs.  You might have picked us to root for but that is only because we are The # 11 team in wins all-time in college football.  We play Alabama very well and as well or better than EVERY OTHER GOD DAMN TEAM.


Speaking of school The University of Georgia is a LOT better than Alabama college.


Comparing Athens to Tuscaloosa is a wild comparison since NO ONE in their right mind would choose Tuscaloosa.


Then there is the state right ?


Alabama vs Georgia as states.  Alabama has no football players and no high school football compared to Georgia.


Our mountains are real mountains.


Our beaches are real beaches.


Our high school football is real high school football.


Compare The University of Georgia with the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.  A parent told me recently that there was no way their child was going to Tuscaloosa to go to college.


There are the Atlanta Falcons.  The Atlanta Braves.  Atlanta Hawks.  What has Alabama got ?




The entire state of Alabama such as it is doesn’t offer a God Damn thing.  Yes I am putting shit on Alabama.  Everyone does.  And with good damn reason.


Alabama sued Georgia stating that Chattahoochee River which STARTS INSIDE GEORGIA and goes through Lake Lanier then Atlanta and THEN ALABAMA is Alabama’s river and that we do not deserve to take ANY of that water for our needs even though it is our God Damn River.


They LOST that suit.


I told you they have no leg to stand on.


I was right about that as I am about EVERY WORD of this post.


The entire state of Alabama has a grand total of 4 point 8 million population.


Just the city of Atlanta has 7 million by itself.


Alabama ?


You have got to be kidding me right ?


The state of Georgia is MORE than TWICE the population of Alabama.  Nearly 11 million live in Georgia while Aladamnbama has only 4 point 8 million population.  You know why that is ?  Because we are TWICE the place to live and have a better education and better jobs and better University and better sports and better high school sports and better professional sports and better mountains and better beaches and better world-class city and better culture and more money.


That’s right.  Alabama does NOT compare to my home where I live where I grew up where I root for my alma mater like my entire family and ALL our friends.


Our restaurants blow away restaurants in Alabama and ALWAYS have.


Don’t talk to me about Bar-B-Que if you can’t even spell the word.


Yes Bar-B-Que is pork.  Stick it up your God Damn dumbass asshole that you don’t eat pork.  I do.  You are a fool.  I would put bacon on EVERYTHING.


I eat grits.  I don’t eat for breakfast that which I would eat for dinner : potatoes.


Atlanta is THE movie capital and the arts capital and THE music capital of the WOLRD.  We are the Empire State.  We are the leading area for THE SOUTH.  This is it !  Our culture includes literature such as Lewis Grizzard.  What is your God Damn Problem ?


Charley Trippi Fran Tarkenton Hines Ward Herschel Walker Dominique Wilkins Bill Goldberg Teresa Edwards Pat Dye Terrell Davis Bubba Watson Champ Bailey Kevin Butler. Excuse me we have a LOT more of the better athletes for a lot longer than Alabama.  Who the hell said Alabama did anything besides spend the money to get the top coaches and players at Alabama ?  No one.  Alabama is not better.  Alabama does not DESERVE to be considered better than Georgia.


When Dad retired from the Marine Corps he came to Atlanta because THIS is the hotbed of college.  He wanted all 7 of us to get a college degree and felt that THIS is where we would all be able to do that.  The University of Georgia system is the best for college education compared to Alabama.  What bullshit you sit there and compare The University of Georgia system and the University of Alabama and don’t say one is ranked number 46 and the other number 129.  That is because you don’t know that.  I do.  I got my education here.  I never heard you say you did.


What does Texas have to do with ANY of THIS ?  Nothing.  Alabama ?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


Atlanta.  The South.  Georgia.


You can’t say you are a Georgia Bulldog and always have been except to say that it is your God Damn BIRTHRIGHT to be a Georgia Bulldog.  Did you get that ?  Well did you punk ?


Nick Saban does NOT have one God Damn thing to do with Alabama.  He’s not an Alabamian.


I’m a Georgian.


My Dad was a Georgian.  My Dad’s dad was a Georgian.  My Dad’s dad’s dad was a Georgian.  It is my God Damn BIRTHRIGHT to be a God Damn Georgian.


Stick THAT up your God Damn asshole dumbass.


We started colleges here in the United States.  We are the Capital of College Football and ALWAYS have been.  This is the history of collegiate football.  Did you hear that ?


The only footnote mentioning Alabama about Bear God Damn Bryant is that he DIED in Tuscaloosa. They paid him to come there.  THAT does not make him an Alabamian.  Bear Bryant did well at Kentucky and Texas A&M so they BOUGHT him.  THAT is not Bear Bryant’s birthright to be an Alabama fan.  His ONLY claim to Alabama is that he DIED there.


There is NO difference with Nick Saban.


We let Alabama hire these guys and compete with them with Ray Goff and God Damn Mark Richt.


THIS IS OUR HERITAGE to go beat Alabama.  It is what we are and what we do and that which we have ALWAYS done.


This is our birthright.


Theatre Under the Stars.  Foy Fine Arts Building.  Campus in Athens.


We think you’re stupid to root for Georgia Tech or Clemson or South Carolina or vols or Auburn or Florida or Florida State or Miami of Florida or Alabama.  I understand they all have feasted on OUR TALENT here.  Kirby is FIXING that isn’t he ?  That’s right.  We look down our collective noses at you fools.




Don’t try to tell me that Notre Dame is better than us or Penn State is or Southern California is.  No they ARE not and you know it.  The only claim Ohio State has is they are abusers of what is right and wrong and God Damn CHEATERS.


Ohio State plays in an easy conference of so many God Damn CUPCAKES that the conference sucks.  When they expanded they did NOT add top teams but easy wins for their Big 10 teams.  No one in that conference deserves to be in the playoffs.


Big 12 has no team deserving of being in the playoffs.


Pac-12 who has not won the national championship in football since 1972 does not have a team capable of beating Alabama or Georgia either.


None of those 3 do.


Big 10 Big 12 and Big Pac-12 all 3 do not have a single team capable of beating EITHER Georgia or Alabama  AND furthermore the ACC has only 1 team and they can’t beat Alabama or Georgia either.  The players who were going to Clemson NOW STAY HERE in-state at Georgia.


Clemson does not have our players we have been signing from here they used to from here when we had Mark Richt.


The SEC East has been determined to be the best division of college football.


Did you get that ?


Well did you punks ?


I say AGAIN that we beat Clemson.  We beat Notre Dame.  We beat Ohio State.  We beat Oklahoma.  I understand the ONLY way you get to play for the national championship is that we LOSE to Alabama so you are rooting for Alabama.  All fans of places like Ohio State and Oklahoma root for Alabama.  Forget you.  You know we beat the shit out of you.  We have played a better strength of schedule than all of these other “schools” and yes we lost to LSU at their house by 20 points which is a LOT better than you can say.


We have to beat Alabama.  You can’t.  We have to.  How fair is that that you get to back in because we have to and you not only can’t but LOSE to us ?


# 46 best college U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges 2018 The University of Georgia vs the # 129 best college the University Alabama at Tuscaloosa :  https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities


Yes Alabama holds an edge against Georgia in football and head-to-head. Guess what ?


You didn’t have SHIT to do with it.




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