Texas is ranked a WORSE college than Georgia U.S. News and World Report Rankings 2019

UGA is the higher ranked college than Texas :




Texas is a huge school with really only 1 other school larger but it is NOT better than UGA.





“My love for The U is simply great. My true desire is for our football program to return to greatness and while terribly difficult I feel that stepping down is in the best interests of the program.” Manuel Alberto Diaz II named head coach at Miami only days after taking Temple job. Manny Diaz has never coached before. Miami of Florida is a SHIT JOB # 36 winning percentage 2004 to-date. Mark Richt # 33 in recruiting rankings just signed last week.



Miami has not been able to win since it left the lousy stinking Big East.


Return to greatness ?


Oh good Lord.


Miami has only 622-360-19 wins while UGA Georgia Bulldogs have 819-422-54 wins


Georgia has 25 % more wins in college football than U Miami of Florida whose only claim to fame was that it did play in the Big East where it ran up its wins’ total and since cannot carry the city of Miami who doesn’t embrace the crap program.


Mark Richt was NEVER going to work at Miami.


Manny Diaz has NEVER COACHED one game anywhere.


Kirby Smart has out-recruited Mark Richt and won more football games than Mark Richt who NEVER should have been hired by Miami of Florida.


Mark Richt was # 33 in recruiting rankings just signed with Miami of Florida.   Mark Richt signed only 6 who are 4-star and only 8 who are 3-star with the rest 2-star.


7 wins 9 losses his last entire 16 games at Miami Mark Richt lost to a dozen unranked teams at Georgia after 2007.  After 2007 at UGA Mark Richt lost 18 of his last 24 games against top 15 teams # 42 nationally at that.  Mark Richt was FIRED with cause from Georgia and forced-out at Miami who wanted Manny Diaz before he started at Temple.




Notre Dame has LOST every bowl game against a top 10 team starting 1995 all 8 bowl games in a row to top 10 teams. 24 years in a row of no wins over top 10 team in bowl game Fighting Irish. Lost to # 5 Colorado 1995. Lost to # 8 FSU 1996. Lost to # 5 Oregon State 2001. Lost to # 4 Ohio State 2006. Lost to # 4 LSU 2007. Lost to # 2 Alabama 2013. Lost to # 7 Ohio State 2016. Lost to # 2 Clemson 2018. Notre Dame did NOT deserve to be in College Football Play-Offs.

Notre Dame 3-30 Cotton Bowl 2018 leaves Irish with LOSING bowl record 17-19 all-time and with 8 losses in a row dating back to starting 1995 of non-conference bowl losses to top 10 teams. 24 years of futility. Don’t tell me Notre Dame deserved to be in the play-offs. Bullshit.


Georgia is undefeated against Notre Dame all-time and Georgia is the 2nd best team in bowl games all-time while Notre Dame has a LOSING RECORD in bowl games.


Notre Dame against top 10 teams in bowl games after 1994 :


  1. Lost to # 5 Colorado 1995.
  2. Lost to # 8 FSU 1996.
  3. Lost to # 5 Oregon State 2001.
  4. Lost to # 4 Ohio State 2006.
  5. Lost to # 4 LSU 2007.
  6. Lost to # 2 Alabama 2013.
  7. Lost to # 7 Ohio State 2016.
  8. Lost to # 2 Clemson 2018.


Who the hell has Notre Dame beat ?




The committee did NOT need 8 teams this year in the play-offs. It appeared that they needed a + 1 Plus One to get it right. Oklahoma with Official NCAA Strength Schedule # 40 should have had to BEAT Georgia Bulldogs to get in the play-offs who played # 3 toughest schedule in the nation AND we BEAT Oklahoma January 1 earlier this year. That’s all they appear to have needed. Plus One. + 1



I would NOT want to be Texas Longhorns who are going to face one pissed-off Georgia Bulldogs team in the Sugar Bowl a bowl game we have been to more than any other bowl we ever have been to.


We’ve only been to 1 Sugar Bowl since we were losing nothing to 28 before we can sit down booing Mike Adam$ at the Sugar Bowl in Atlanta before Mark Richt was losing to West Virginia in that Sugar Bowl here the 2005 season.  That one was following the 2007 season in which Mark Richt lost to both South Carolina who did not even play in a bowl game 2007 season and lost to the vols 14-35 in a blow-out.


We need this win to get the lousy taste out of our mouths for crappy Mark Richt seasons in which he went to the Sugar Bowl and we need it to prove to dumbasses who still think Oklahoma should be in the play-offs and NOT us instead.



Dumb shits.



Nebraska signed 6 are 4-star 19 are 3-star none 5-star. Sad. Mark Richt signed 6 are 4-star 8 are 3-star rest 2-star Why even bother Mark Richt retire boy. Retire. Can’t compete with THAT bullshit recruiting Mark Richt. Oh boy Thomas Brown withering away down there. I told you so !

You told me how great Mark Richt would recruit the state of Georgia at Miami of Florida hurricanes.  I told you he would NOT.


Mark Richt’s best recruit from the state of Georgia is the # 751 best recruit in the nation Jalar Holley # 78 in the mighty state of Georgia.


247sports.com has him ranked the # 1106 prospect nationally.  Wee !  NOT in the top 100 best players in the state of Georgia.


Mark Richt also signed Jakai Clark out of the state of Georgia who 247sports.com ranked the # 1753 prospect nationally.


How are you going to beat # 1 team Mark Richt with # 1753 player ?


Did you think about that Mark Richt ?


Wasting your time over-charging Miami to be their “coach” with THIS type of recruiting ranked the # 33 recruiting class.  The # 37 recruiting class according to 247sports.com # 41 recruiting class for Mark Richt according to Rivals.com and the # 34 recruiting class for Mark Richt 2019 according to ESPN.


I told you we would recruit BETTER without Mark Richt.


Jesus Christ Mark Richt that SUCKS boy.


You are just ONE OF THOSE Pussies Mark Richt who holds-on to a job he can NOT do and sucks the energy out of them as an energy vampire.




Quit already.


Put yourself out of your God Damn MISERY Mark Richt.


Tells us again how you are not measured by your wins and losses Mark Richt ?


The kids sure seem to measure you that way.


Nebraska and Miami 2 football programs who USED to be good until they hired BAD COACHING.


But boy are you paying for it.  And in MORE ways than one.


Here.  Stick THIS up your God Damn dumb shit assholes Miami of Florida hurricane fans and that includes MOST ESPECIALLY those Georgia Bulldogs’ fans who said “NOW I am a Miami fan too.”


Kirby killed Mark Richt in recruiting ESPECIALLY in the states of Georgia and Florida.





Paul Johnson who did not play college football himself is run out of town on a rail by Georgia Tech who then FIRED all his coaching staff. He ends 5 bowl wins 8 bowl losses for his entire coaching career. He never could recruit averaging # 52 recruiting class. In 11 games against UGA he had 3 wins at Georgia Tech a “winning percentage” of 0.27 and is a FOOL who never did win ANY ACC Championship EVER because he CHEATED. Geoff Collins replaces him but while he was there Paul Johnson put Georgia Tech on back-to-back repeat offender NCAA Probation in FOOTBALL. Tonight they got BLOWN-OUT 34-10 by a sorry football opponent.

It was a fitting end to Paul Johnson who once told everyone he had bigger fish to fry than Georgia.  Uh huh.  Oh Paul Johnson LOST that game against Georgia.


Geoff Collins was 7-6 and 8-4 as his only two previous years coaching.  His recruiting class is particularly lousy and he has to replace 8 of his starters on defense.  Geoff Collins has no previous experience on offense at all anywhere and now has FIRED all of Paul Johnson’s entire coaching staff.


Since 1957 Georgia Tech has been really shitty at football.


17 wins over UGA in 62 games since 1957.  How bad is that ?  0.27 “winning percentage” ever-so slightly worse for Paul “Fish Fry” Johnson against Georgia.


Georgia Tech is NOT in the top 50 football programs starting 1957 :




God awful.





Geoff Collins’ team Temple plays tonight against Duke.  He wasn’t going to win that game so he quit before he lost his bowl game.


UGA is # 46 college

Georgia Tech is # 35


You listen to Georgia Tech one would get the impression they think they are Princeton or Harvard.


Truth is UGA is right there in 2019 U.S. News and World Report Rankings.


Aren’t we ?


67-39-5 UGA against Georgia Tech Geoff Collins is NOT going to beat Georgia Bulldogs is he ?


Paul Johnson’s last 4 years at Georgia Tech he won 1 bowl game lost 1 bowl game and was not qualified to play as one of the top 80 football teams half of his last 4 years.


All of this is pretty damn sad for Paul Johnson and for Georgia Tech.


The future promises more of the same.


6.2 wins per year last 61 years after 1957 Georgia Tech

5.1 losses per year last 61 years after 1957 Georgia Tech



I’m gusted that we get to play Texas disgusted it’s not to then play Alabama re-match for national championship. It’s inscrutable that we’re not in the play-offs but it’s scrutable to me that Kirby’s senior class can etch win # 43. It’s ineffable to describe that we’re not in the play-offs but it’s effable to me that we get to beat Texas’ asses instead. While I’m disappointed we’re not in the play-offs I certainly am appointed that we can beat-up on Texas as our motivation to beat the shit out of someone about all this crap. You can write it down in indelible ink that we are certain we deserved to be in the play-offs but as for this shit that somehow you can write it deligibly we might lose to Texas – well that’s just so much bullshit. # 3 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football schedule strength toughest in the nation Official NCAA Strength of Schedule 2018 is impeccable while Oklahoma # 40 Strength of schedule is certainly peccable isn’t it ? The committee was most certainly indolent in putting Oklahoma in whom we beat in 2018 already in the Rose Bowl which they seem to have forgotten but not us. The committee should have been more dolent and noticed we beat Oklahoma 2018 AND we played a far tougher schedule. Who wins UGA or OK ? Indefatigably we’d wear-out their sorry asses again this same year 2018 and defatibably OK would never beat UGA this same damn year. Our incessant plea is to play Alabama again but the committee cessantly blocked us even though we’re the best bet to beat Alabama according to Nick Saban himself that we’re the team he doesn’t want to face again. It was reckless for the committee to leave us out. Maybe the committee could have reckedly had us play Oklahoma and whomever won gets in the play-offs and whomever loses didn’t. So I am remaining disgruntled until the committee gruntles us by allowing us of all teams to in fact be playing in the play-offs but I damn sure wouldn’t want to be Texas having to face a pissed off UGA Georgia Bulldogs’ team instead.

How’s that ?


Original as always.


Merry Christmas on Boxing Day.



Merry Christmas Kirby. There are NOT 95 Scholarships however. So who doesn’t have one ? 22 recruits 32 freshmen 24 sophomores and 17 juniors. With only 14 seniors signing 22 recruits is expecting lots fall-out in the next couple of days. Who are they with NO SCHOLARSHIP of the 95 ?

  1. Justin Fields is one no scholly – say he wants to play Sugar Bowl ?  I am NOT in favor of that.  He quit.  Go
  2. I can not see where Stetson Bennett IV gets a scholarship was walk-on left team gets scholly?
  3. Unfortunately I have been reporting about rising Junior Deangelo Gibbs head not right – no scholly
  4. Luke Ford I guess he’s gone
  5. JR Reed our best player should consider the millions first round pick leaves I think
  6. Isaac Nauta one of the top players nationally not much prove here either like JR Reed I think leaves
  7. Mecole Hardman Jr. NFL thinking about it wasted by Kirby freshman year leaves I think
  8. Evander Holyfield like Mecole been talking about going NFL early well 1000 yard season leaves I think


I think Kirby is right that 2 more quit the team.  There were some weird distribution of number of snaps this 2018 season.  I think Kirby pissed-off quite a few player guys being them and not playing them more.  I think 22 recruits signing is about right.


This is how I see it.








Merry Christmas !




Basketball 2018-2019 season Georgia Bulldogs Men RPI # 154 Women RPI # 144 frankly NEITHER are going anywhere both with strength of schedule # 200





Sad what passes for basketball around here.


I am not making excuses for our basketball at Georgia but the facts remain that the other SEC schools have spent their record-breaking SEC Revenue-Sharing monies to build them a new gym while we build our bank balance and do nothing to try to improve our basketball.


The kids do NOT want to come to Georgia to play in a basketball gym no one likes or thinks is good.


It’s 50 years old and out-of-date.


We can’t recruit our players here to come play in it.


Wake up.


Give our basketball programs a Merry Christmas by building us a new gym please.


With Andy Landers we used to be at least competitive in women’s basketball.  Now I don’t even want to watch us lose.





“word of advice: ——————— – don’t swing and miss … especially not your second time” TATE MARTELL‏ @TheTateMartell “THE Quarterback at The Ohio State University” to Justin Fields (just go already if you’re leaving – we don’t want you either)





Georgia Bulldogs senior class beats Georgia Tech all 4 games in a ROW for the fifth time. Josh Pastner lost at McCamish Pavilion which is the same old building it always has been all our lives Alexander Memorial Coliseum which Georgia Tech wasted money on fixing-up a few years ago. It’s too small and Georgia Tech not competitive. Josh Pastner does not have a winning record at Georgia Tech 40-40 in his third year unable to recruit to that tiny old gym. Tom Crean 70-59 winner tonight is 3 games over .500 a winning record for UGA by contrast.

God I hate Georgia Tech and all their LIES.



Out of the top 22 teams in the ESPN recruiting rankings The Mighty SEC has 11. Half of the top 22 teams are SEC 50%. Only 2 are ACC 9%. Only 2 are Big 12 which is then 9%. Only 3 are Big 10 which is 14%. 3 are Pac-12 also then 14%. 8 SEC teams are ranked in the AP Poll top 25 too to only 2 ACC and this is why. SEC kicks ass at recruiting and therefore SEC kicks-ass in bowl games and kicks-ass in Top 25 AP Poll rankings too. Where is all this bullshit about The Mighty SEC is being DOWN ? I seem to have missed that.


The most bowl games the lousy stinking Pac-12 can win this year is down to only 6 after they LOST Arizona State losing dropping to 7-6 on the season

Of course Arizona State lost to only 7-5 San Diego State so no one figured the Pac-12 team would win their first bowl game this year.


It has been since 1972 since the Pac-12 last won a national championship in football.


Pac-12 does not even have a team in the College Football Playoffs this year so the streak lives on.


The Pac-12 sucks not that anyone out there in the Land of Fruit and Nuts gives a shit about college football because they do NOT.





Florida # 16 in recruiting zowie – that’s NOT going to get the job done is it ? Florida’s head coach has a BAD RECORD IN THE SEC – LOSING RECORD VS SEC DAN MULLEN 38-42 Bad 38 SEC wins 42 SEC losses Dan Mullen. Great hire ? NOT. I said the SAME about their previous hire as coach didn’t I ? NOT great hire. Ohio State # 12 Good gracious I told you those 2 hires were NOT GOOD # 12 Ohio State instead of # 3 every year BAD NEWS for Ohio State about THEIR NEW COACH with NO EXPERIENCE. Southern California # 21 oh dear This is another who EVERY YEAR was at the tippy top # 2 or # 1 now # 21 with BAD HIRE AS COACH not getting job done is he ? Miami of Florida # 38 Mark Richt. Is he retiring or just quit ? # 38 Mark Richt # 2 Kirby and the dumbasses told me they are NOW a Miami fan and how great Mark Richt is. Did you get that ?








Kirby goes out-of-state to sign 12 of his 20 joining us now. Kirby is # 2 overall as he was # 1 overall last year and # 3 overall the year before (and # 6 his partial first year.) Kirby is getting it done. Kirby went NATIONAL ! 15 of the top players in the country added today ! Great Coach can be seen that way just by being a GREAT RECRUITER. Kirby is that.

Nolan Smith 5-Star new goggle boy and top linebacker too out of Savannah # 1 overall

Nakobe Dean 5-Star top linebacker # 1 Mississippi # 14 overall

Clay Webb 5-Star on OL comes Spring # 1 Alabama to get on field 2019 # 22 overall early

Travon Walker 5-Star fills big need on DL Upson-Lee # 24 overall

Dominick Blaylock 5-Star out of Walton wants to catch passes from Jake Fromm # 34 overall

Lewis Cine as well out of Texas is another highly sought after at defensive back # 66 overall

Rian Davis linebacker out of Florida # 90 overall

Trezmen Marshall Linebacker Clinch County # 122 overall

Bill Norton # 2 Tennessee DL # 129 overall

Xavier Truss # 1 Rhode Island # 139 overall 330 lbs. OL

Kenny McIntosh Top 10 RB in the nation from Florida # 179 overall

Ryland Goede TE from Tennessee # 196 overall

Jermaine Johnson Linebacker is joining us from Minnesota # 1 JUCO early

D.J. Daniel a defensive back also fills an important need Griffin top-rated JUCO early

Tramel Walthour DL Liberty County JUCO early

Makiya Tongue WR from Baton Rouge # 209 overall

Warren McClendon 320 lbs. OL Brunswick # 235 overall

Dwan Mathis 6′ 6″ 205 lbs. QB from Michigan # 261 overall

Zion Logue from Tennessee 6′ 5″ 295 lbs. DL # 344 overall

Tymon Mitchell from Tennessee 6′ 3″ 315 lbs. DL # 418 overall



In all 20 signed with a dozen from other states


Kirby has really done it.  All over the country.  Kids buying-in.  A coach can be a great coach simply by recruiting top players.  He can call a bad game offensively and call a bad game special teams and with all this talent still be in fact a great coach.


Mark Richt NEVER did this.  Kirby has done this 3 times in a row # 2 # 1 and # 3 classes (# 6 Kirby’s first partial year.)











16 of the ESPN Top 300.


Solid # 2 best in the nation.








No one wanted Justin Fields to leave The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs. Our offense absolutely sucks and HAS since the day Kirby took over as our de facto Offensive Coordinator 2016 then 2017 and now 2018. A job Kirby assumes without ANY experience anywhere deciding who plays and who doesn’t and what type of play we will have such as a run first down run second down and pass 3rd down because that is ALL Kirby does and HAS DONE.

When you get over the crying about Jacob Eason and Justin Fields Jacob Eason should have appealed to play instantly.  The way Kirby misused him last year would have made that an easy decision for the NCAA.  And now the way Kirby misused Justin Fields he is gone now too and for good reason.  He’ll play right away because of the scholarship player who said what he did to Justin Fields in 2018.  Totally awful and Kirby did NOT fix it.   I would have made Justin Fields the staring QB the next game.  That is what was fair.


This is UNFAIR for Justin Fields.


I am with Justin Fields on this.


There is no sense beating a dead horse here OTHER THAN Kirby just has to quit meddling with the offense.


Play-off team supposedly who is in fact the # 68 Passing Offense 2018 Kirby’s Georgia “offense.”


Imagine putting the 2nd best football player in America 2018 on the field and telling him he can NOT pass the God Damn football…


Hardware for Jake Fromm ?  So far he can’t beat the other team in our conference nor can he do better than lose 2 games inside our own conference EVERY YEAR so far.


I love the guy Jake Fromm.  But the facts are that Kirby misused Justin Fields who is MORE talented and will be a better NFL draft pick and better NFL Quarterback.  Justin Fields doesn’t lead the team in fumbles and get sacked 4 times a game in every big game like Jake Fromm.


This is why Jake Fromm has so far lost EVERY YEAR to 2 SEC teams Auburn and Alabama both last year now this year too LSU and Alabama both again.  Hardware for Jake Fromm for that ?  Excuse me ?  No one has Jake Fromm listed on ANY list of the top football players.  What are you watching ?  Him hand the ball off ?  Well ?  He is # 68 passing offense 2018.  He was # 106 last year passing offense.  Don’t forget his fumbles and his sacks 4 times every big game.  Look at his stats.  He isn’t doing jack shit.


Now this stale offense is all we have.


Good work Kirby.


Why was it again when the season was OVER when Jake Fromm lost to LSU by 3 touchdowns that you didn’t play Justin Fields for one single play Kirby ?


Tell me that again you dumb son of a bitch ?


Because you didn’t think it was “fair for Justin Fields to come in in that situation.”


God Damn it Kirby.




Justin Fields is FRUSTRATED ? How do you think I feel ?

This is ALL Title IX and Kirby refused to fix it.  His next coach will.  I would have.  Kirby is wrong to not have.  Look this is 2019.  Stubborn Kirby OWED it to Justin Fields.


This country if we are going to be great is going to have to admit that we have to do much more to make sure that we are fair.  I have lived in Atlanta all my life and know how Henry Aaron was treated first-hand at Fulton County stadium.  I cry to think in 2019 that we still can not bring ourselves to FIX this. You fix this by being fair.  I’m fair.  Justin Fields is my starting QB.


Did you get that ?


Well did you punk ?


The future is NOT cloudy for Justin Fields.  He will go somewhere of his choice and be the most talented quarterback if not overall player on THAT team just as he was on THIS TEAM 2018.  And he will be drafted by the NFL higher than Jake Fromm.  And he will CONTINUE to be a BETTER QUARTERBACK than Jake Fromm.  Jake Fromm admitted THAT FACT to YOU twice.  Justin Fields will be the starting QB next year.  He will CONTINUE to throw the football better than Jake Fromm.  Handing the football off and leading the team in fumbles and sacks along with losing both of the top 2 games last year and now losing both of the top 2 games this year is NOT making Jake Fromm BETTER than Justin Fields.





Frankly when the racist Georgia Bulldogs’ scholarship athlete yelled at Kirby from the stands at Sanford Kirby should have replied by making him the starting QB the very next game.


This is 2019.  Justin Fields is a fine young man and NONE of this bullshit from Kirby toward Justin Fields is warranted justified or even understandable.


We as a University in 2019 owed it to Justin Fields to START him after the racist yelling by someone this University thought so highly of to give a free education and $ 1 dollar ticket to say that to him.


I am so GOD DAMN mad about every bit of this.


If you followed THIS BLOG you knew all of this before today.


Long before today.


I told Justin Fields to transfer.


Jake Fromm is a 4-year Georgia Bulldogs’ Quarterback.  The NFL is NOT going to offer Jake Fromm a contract other than as a free agent if he did declare for the 2020 NFL Draft and going undrafted.  Don’t give me this shit that he would be drafted in the first round as soon as he is eligible for the NFL Draft if he wanted to.  It’s bullshit he goes in the first round if he declared early (in 2020) to let Justin Fields play quarterback here.  It has NOTHING to do with what YOU want or wish or what Jake Fromm or Kirby wants.  He’s NOT an NFL Quarterback.  He can’t run the football.  He fumbles when he tries to.  He is sacked 4 times a game every good team.  He can’t throw the football.  You could argue that he isn’t allowed to throw the ball by Kirby and of course that is what we’re talking about.  But the facts are that he is the # 106 Passing Offense 2017 and now the # 68 Passing Offense Quarterback 2018.  What in the HELL makes YOU think THAT is NFL Quarterback ?  THAT is NOT what the NFL is looking for at all.


Jake Fromm is NOT being drafted until 2021 and then he is a PROJECT.  Aaron Murray was a PROJECT too.  You are STILL full of shit for that which YOU SAID about Aaron Murray as well.  Why have you finally shut-up about him ?  Because I was right about him too.  Jake Fromm gets ZERO votes as top quarterback from anyone. Jake Fromm is not 3rd string on ANY list of the top college football players.   Jake Fromm is not eligible for the College Football Hall of Fame and neither was Aaron Murray. They’re both unfortunately very similar. I told you Aaron Murray would NEVER throw an NFL pass. He NEVER DID.


Jake Fromm is not even the most talented quarterback on our own roster. He lost his 2 biggest games last year and he’s lost his only 2 big games both this year too. Jake Fromm lacks the pizazz.  The facts are that both Jacob Eason AND Justin Fields will be drafted HIGHER than Jake Fromm.




So what does all this mean about Justin Fields ?


All of this is why Justin Fields had to play so much 2018. I told you he would because of this. He did because of this. I told you Kirby told me he would. I told you Kirby did play Justin Fields. You tried to tell me Justin Fields would and should redshirt. Uh no. We misused Justin Fields 2018. Kirby misused Justin Fields 2018 just as Kirby misused Jacob Eason 2017.


I read that this is NOT Kirby’s fault.




It’s ALL Kirby’s fault.


Kirby misused Justin Fields all season long.  It was bullshit how Kirby used Justin Fields.


There is NO EXCUSE for what Kirby did to Jacob Eason 2017-2018 season just as there is NO EXCUSE for what Kirby did to Justin Fields 2018.


Kirby is going to have to fix his meddling ways in our offense with Kirby’s zero experience on offense.


Kirby doesn’t know what he is doing on offense or special teams.


Kirby’s last play call for Justin Fields was to remove Jake Fromm as the Starting Quarterback and insert instead Justin Fields as Quarterback and then on 4th Down fake the field goal and go for it.


That’s all wrong.


Jake Fromm would have recognized the situation and snapped early.


Jake Fromm would have completed the pass therefore.  And into a small window.


So why Justin Fields Kirby Smart ?


And LSU that’s the game that ruined the season.


Jake Fromm was having an off day.


It happens.


Why NOT Justin Fields then ?


Because it was unfair to Justin Fields ?  What total bullshit Kirby.


Now Ohio State Florida State Florida LSU Oklahoma Penn State Auburn stand to gain our only real quarterback option because of what Kirby did to Jacob Eason and now to Justin Fields.  Stay out of the offense Kirby hire a real Offensive Coordinator and let him run the show.  We just lost our most talented quarterback.  It’s bullshit this Kirby offense 2016 2017 and now 2018.  We average the # 100 Passing Offense with Kirby.


This is 2019 now Kirby.  Justin Fields is going to be drafted HIGHER AND BETTER than Jake Fromm.



Trezmen Marshall was already a commitment to Georgia so what does this mean ? It means Kirby has kept in-state a most important linebacker and multi-talented athlete whom everyone wanted like Alabama for example. Where does Georgia stand ? We # 3 recruiting 2019 with 18 commitments because we don’t have more Scholarships to offer. There are only 13 scholarship seniors. 2 Juniors and 2 redshirt sophomores. That’s how I see it coming down. Kirby might sign another recruit or so but he’s already over isn’t he ? So we’re talking about players LEAVING. Got it ?

Scholarship Seniors 2018-2019 season who must give-up their scholarship :

  1. DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle DL
  2. Jackson Harris TE
  3. Kendall Baker OT
  4. Lamont Gaillard C
  5. Juwan Taylor ILB
  6. Ahkil Crumpton WR
  7. Jarvis Wilson DB
  8. Deandre Baker DB
  9. D’Andre Walker OLB
  10. Jonathan Ledbetter DE
  11. Natrez Patrick ILB
  12. Terry Godwin WR
  13. Jayson Stanley WR




J.R. Reed

Isaac Nauta



Ben Cleveland

Demetris Robertson


The 13 scholarship seniors don’t have to go but they can’t stay on scholarship as they have exhausted it and free those up for Kirby.  But they are the ONLY ones.



If you had an 8-team play-off then there would be 44 bowl games and 3 bowl games for 2 teams every year and those 4 more bowl games would be HUGE not something that happens on-campus. Also # 5 Georgia would NOT play # 1 Alabama back-to-back you dumbass Danny Kanell nor would Washington CLEARLY not ranked in ANY top 8 teams be in then dumb shit Danny Kanell former Falcons’ no good QB who threw 34 NFL Interceptions to only 30 NFL TD.

Danny Kanell is an absolute CBS idiot.  # 4 Georgia played the # 3 toughest schedule in the nation according to Official NCAA Strength of Schedule and Oklahoma played # 40 strength of schedule.  Therefore Danny Kannell states Georgia is not # 4 nor even # 5 but # 8.


And UCF is # 5 who played absolutely no one all season.


Danny Kanell doesn’t care about who you played just how many you lost.


Danny Kanell also doesn’t care that he threw more NFL interceptions than TD Passes just that he was an “NFL Quarterback.”  No he wasn’t.


Danny Kanell states Washington makes the play-offs.  Washington is not ranked in the top 8 of the Coaches’ Poll or the AP Poll nor the College Football Playoff Poll.


Danny Kanell not only wants to expand the play-offs to 8 teams but include teams in the top 8 who are not there according to anyone but he wants to add 4 more bowl games to the 40 we already play.


So these 4 new bowl games are going to be huge.  It would be with an 8-team format Ohio State against Georgia a week from Tuesday 25 December Christmas Day the winner to make the playoffs.  That game would be so huge that Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz would host it.  It would be unfair to have it at Sanford Stadium nor Ohio State stadium.

College Football Playoff play-in game # 2 this year would be then UCF against Alabama.


Michigan would play Clemson to play-in to the  College Football Playoffs.


And the last play-in game would be Oklahoma and Notre Dame.


These games would all 4 be so huge that it would be unfair for any to happen on the other’s home field. And the TV revenue from each of these 4 would be so huge that venues would all vie to host them.


You got it all wrong Danny Kanell as you always have all your lifetime.  So if I am arguing for UGA to play Ohio State as a play-in game to the college football play-offs in expanded 8-team play-offs then I am admitting that Georgia did not make it.  Honestly we deserve it more than Oklahoma who played # 40 schedule strength.  Certainly then we are not # 8 as Danny Kanell maintains today but # 5 but ONLY because the committee got it wrong.  And they did.


Ultimately it was our BAD LOSS to LSU losing by 3 TD than it was playing the best game Alabama faced.  It was that Kirby was stubborn on offense did not play his top recruits and the play of his top recruits was all questionable again this year as it was year 1 two years ago and year 2 last year.


You can not lose by 3 TD to someone who lost 3 games and who should have lost 4 games while you told me we could go down there and lose and still make the playoffs.  No we couldn’t.  You were wrong and I was right.


Kirby’s offense stinks.  We run first down.  Run second down.  Pass 3rd down.  Next year is year 4 of that bullshit.  It doesn’t work.  Had Kirby played his best players 2016 or 2017 or 2018 that still would NOT WORK.


THAT is why we are NOT IN.


Get over it.


Kirby is stubborn.  Kirby has absolutely NO EXPERIENCE coaching offense nor coaching special teams and meddles in the choices of BOTH costing us games 2016 and costing us games 2017 and again 2018 costing us games.  You just can not bring yourself to say it.  Kirby recruits well but that will drop-off if he can make someone OC who can make it happen.  We try to sit on the ball on offense even when we are losing.  That’s bullshit.




Next Wednesday 19 December 2018 number one inside linebacker nationally Nakobe Dean. “The culture. It is just Georgia Bulldogs have a similar culture as ‘Bama but it is a little different feel at Georgia. It’s a little more of a ‘homey’ feel. It is business but it is a little less. It is business.” ajc dawgnation

I don’t have to tell you how badly Kirby needs this linebacker do I ?



Georgia # 2 in national recruiting 2019 December 12 and Alabama is # 1 at average 93.73 while UGA’s Kirby is 93.58 although we only have 19 scholarships to 24 for Alabama. Last 3 classes # 3 UGA # 1 UGA now # 2 UGA after # 6 UGA Kirby’s first (half year.)




We have played more in the Sugar Bowl than we have any other bowl game.

We average scoring 9 more points than Texas and we average giving-up 9 fewer points than Texas so we should beat the shit out of them by 18 points.


Texas is specifically terrible at running the football in that pass-happy Big XII which Texas by the way has NOT won in a decade now.


Our second longest active streak of 22 bowl games is better than all teams except one.


We can even-up our Sugar Bowl record at 5-5 with this win over should be 5-loss Texas who has NO GOD DAMN BUSINESS playing The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs consensus # 5 best team in the nation according to EVERYONE.


Well some of us see us as # 4.


Nick Saban for example said we were # 4 then voted Oklahoma # 4 us # 5.



Texas is # 8 at 28-24-2 in bowl games while UGA is # 3 in bowl games all-time at 31-20-3. Texas last won Big 12 in 2009 a decade ago now.

Texas has a losing record in the Sugar Bowl 1-2 fixing to be 1-3.


Georgia looks to even our Sugar Bowl Record at 5-5 with a win over Texas this season.




323 Georgia Bulldogs have been drafted by the NFL while 317 Texas Longhorns have been.








12 SEC Bowl Games including 8 ranked teams top 25 SEC SEC is king of bowl games again 2018-2019 season while ACC has only 2 ranked teams

12 SEC Bowl Games including 8 ranked teams top 25 SEC

9 Big-10 Bowl Games including 4 ranked teams top 25 Big-10

7 Big-12 Bowl Games including 3 ranked teams top 25 Big-12

7 Pac-12 Bowl Games including 3 ranked teams top 25 Pac-12

11 ACC Bowl Games including 2 ranked teams top 25 ACC

47 Bowl Games by Power 5 Conferences

30 Bowl Games by Group of 5 Conferences

3 Independents’ Bowl Games (either Clemson ACC or Notre Dame 1 more)

New Year’s 6 Bowl Games 4 SEC 2 Big-12 2 Big-10 1 Group of 5 1 Pac-12 1 ACC




Roquan Smith unanimous All-American 1st Team Butkus Award winner therefore College Football Hall of Fame Roquan Smith has 91 tackles in the NFL at 236 lbs. 34 inch vertical leap 4.51 in 40-yard dash at 6 feet one inch 1st Round NFL Draft Pick # 8 overall selection has Chicago Bears on his back at 8-4 who are 1st in NFC North (compare THAT with Falcons 4-8 who are 4th in South NFC.) Bears have Leonard Floyd outside linebacker and Roquan Smith inside linebacker.

Thought you should know 91 tackles with 4 more games before the play-offs.



UGA # 46 Georgia Tech # 35 best colleges in America according to U.S. News and World Report 2019 rankings – so now that Georgia Tech has RELAXED its academic standards why is that Georgia Tech has signed only 1 of the top 50 best football players in the state of Georgia each of the last 4 years ? Why is that ? I mean Georgia Tech is NOT Princeton or Harvard but # 35 while UGA is UP to # 46. Seems EQUAL to me nerds. Meaningful degree ? You barely are ranked ahead of The University of Georgia or don’t you bother to keep-up with the TRUTH up-to-date ?

Geoff Collins is going to relax the standards at Georgia Tech even further.  Expect The University of Georgia to bypass the Georgia Institute of Technology in Academic Prestige because one is headed down and the other up.

You have NOT played football at Georgia Tech starting 1957 so why act like you have ?


Where is your hair Geoff Collins ?  Why do you spell your name the English manner Geoff and not Jeff like every other American ?

Geoff Collins was 15-10 at Temple.


Temple with that horribly easy schedule of Temple.

# 46 best college U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges 2018 The University of Georgia vs the # 35 best colleges Georgia Institute of Technology :  https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities


The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs are  67–41–5 against Georgia Tech.


Georgia is # 15 and Georgia Tech # 49 in won/lost records FBS football starting 1957 :




Temple beat a bunch of cream puffs and cupcakes – NOT Georgia.


Temple wins under Geoff Collins 2018 Maryland who was 5-7


Tulsa who was 3-9


East Carolina who was 3-9


Navy who was 3-9


South Florida who was 7-5 and


UConn who was 1-9


Geoff Collins Georgia is NOT UConn boy.


Or do you have bigger fish to fry Geoff Collins ?


Georgia Tech played 6 teams playing in a bowl game this 2018-2019 season.


Texas is the # 11 team UGA has played who is playing in a 2018-2019 bowl game.


Temple played only 7 teams who made it to a bowl game this season compared to UGA 10.


Geoff Collins is NOT going to beat Georgia.


Is he ?


Well nerds ?




Nick Saban voted for Oklahoma # 4 not Georgia – so why the bullshit that he thought we deserved to be in the top 4 ?

Hey Nick Saban you dumbass son of a bitch when they asked you to vote for the top 4 to be consistent you have to vote for Georgia # 4 because Oklahoma played the # 40 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule this 2018 season while UGA played the # 3 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule.


“Georgia is one of the 4 best teams in America 2018.  I am voting for Oklahoma # 4 because Oklahoma is # 4 and NOT Georgia.” Nick Saban quotes back-to-back today on the same God Damn day.


Take your medicine you old coot.


I sure as hell want to play your senile ass again Nick Saban you dumb shit.



I’d like to weigh-in on Urban God Damn Meyer and while I am at it Ryan God Damn NOVICE Day and the SLEEZEY way they BOTH handled the abuse of a wife they BOTH KNEW ALL ABOUT and BOTH LIED ABOUT. And this Tom Herman guy who turned Georgia DOWN. Don’t forget the Texas coach Tom Herman was Zack Smith’s boss for more than a decade. And so too was Ryan Day. No this isn’t over with spousal abuse and who knew what when and for how long. Tom Herman Ryan Day Urban Meyer Tom’s wife Urban’s nurse-wife. THEY ALL KNEW for 15 years Courtney Smith was abused by her husband. Don’t tell me this SHIT they didn’t.

Here you God Damn liar Urban Meyer stick THIS up your God Damn NOVICE Asshole boy.




and the horses you BOTH came in on.


I hope ALL the prospects decommit from Ohio State.  F Ohio State.


“I did not come to Ohio State for the education.”


No shit Sherlock.


“I want to thank the buckeye nation for ripping me a new asshole and suspending me for 3 God Damn Games just because my wife told me about my longtime assistant beating-up his wife repeatedly.  I am therefore quitting for health reasons (AGAIN) like I did at Florida University affectionately known as FU.”


Ryan Day is NOT READY to be a head coach and certainly NOT at Ohio State.


So take that Ohio State.




Does this mean this is the end to the scandal then that Urban Meyer’s registered nurse wife caused ?


Uh  no sir.


Now starts round number two asking Ryan Day now.


Right ?


Ryan Day not only was Zach Smith’s boss before he was fired but Ryan Day goes all the way back to Florida as Urban Meyer’s coach there as well.


So Ryan Day KNOWS ALL ABOUT Zach Smith as well.


He too could and obviously should be part of our on-going 2019 INVESTIGATION of not just Urban Meyer but of Ryan Day.


So it doesn’t end for Urban Meyer and it does end for Ryan Day.


I can ASSURE you.


Expect to hear that Ryan Day is put on leave by Ohio State University and expect fully that Ryan Day KNEW ALL ABOUT Zach Smith…

because Ryan Day was his boss for 10 years so Ryan Day absolutely knew about Zach Smith’s abuse of his wife.



We ran the ball 39 times for only 153 yards and only 1 touchdown. THAT is not imposing our will. 6 penalties for 50 yards. 3 times we punted the ball out of the end zone and once they returned a punt for 36 yards. We missed a field goal. They forced us to return their kick-offs 4 times on which we gained only 67 yards only 16 yards per kick-off return. And we were only 5 of 16 on 3rd down. We faked a punt and gained only 2 yards on 4th and 11 handing them the ball on a short field score tied 3 minutes to go and had wasted a time-out to give them time to call a better play on offense so they scored on that too. We gave up 5 touchdowns. They ran for 5 and a half yards per carry. We ran for 3 point 9 yards per carry. Aside from J. R. Reed a 3-star Mark Richt recruited converted tailback was our leading tackler. We let their back-up QB once again run roughshod over us. We had no answer defensively for Jalen Hurts nor did we have any answer offensively in the 4th quarter. We brought in a back-up QB to disrupt our offensive momentum none of which was on the ground. They stuffed our running game. Why did they win ?



I heard some discussion that we kicked their ass.


28-35 that is not what I saw.



Kirby needs to quit meddling with the offense and special teams. He doesn’t have any experience making those play calls and isn’t any good at it nor which personnel to have out there when. He looks really bad making those decisions all 3 years. THIS BLOG has pointed this out every single year.

“Pre-snap it was open.  D’Andre Swift was uncovered.  Then I Kirby sent the back-up quarterback out there who disrupted the offense every time I sent him out all game long did not call for the ball to be snapped.  If he snaps it we have it.  When he waited ten seconds they covered D’Andre Swift and there wasn’t a back-up plan to that play any longer.  I never did call time-out or send my offense out on 4th and 11.  I just let the wrong personnel call the most important call of the game and left them out there when it was clear the window of opportunity for the play to work had vanished.  Then we gave their former starting QB the short field which he promptly ran it in to beat us.”  Kirby Quote


Kirby Quotes




Last time we played Texas they were # 2 and us # 7 they undefeated 11-0 Jan 1984 and we beat their asses 10-9 in the Cotton Bowl 1983-1984 bowl games

Maryland 5-7 is not even in a bowl game 2018 and they beat Texas who will have 5 losses after we beat their sorry asses.  Tom Herman turned-down this Georgia Bulldogs’ job and is now Texas’ head coach instead.


College Football Playoff Poll # 15 Texas and # 5 Georgia Bulldogs 2019 Sugar Bowl January 1.


Toneil Carter rushed for 252 yards last year 2017 but did not play 2018.


Tom Herman suspended Toneil Carter for their bowl game last year and he hasn’t played since.









# 69 Passing Offense and # 67 in Penalties were the 2 areas that hurt us the most this season. We have 1 bowl game to improve our weak areas this year so let’s go win our bowl game and cap a really good season. “CFP committee got it right.”

Kirby’s team was # 67 in penalties per game and we had a ton called every game. They hurt us.


We did not do well on net punting kick-off coverage nor punt return coverage.


# 69 Passing Offense seriously hurt us the most this season.


But we spread around our weakest areas with the # 101 Red Zone Defense giving-up scores nearly every time an opponent got inside our 20-yard line.


And of course as everyone knows we were # 101 on sacking opponents’ quarterbacks too.


# 116 at tackles for a loss we just didn’t get in opponents’ backfield much all season seemingly by design.


The rest of it we did fine at really. It is just these areas which cost us the most this season. We did however make mistakes coaching and substitutions again for the third year in a row of  3 years for Kirby.  Kirby DID have to answer year 3 for his coaching mistakes and substitutions so there is THAT while THIS BLOG was all over Kirby on this all 3 years here making rookie mistakes a head coach at UGA.


For the third toughest schedule in the nation it was a good season where we did a lot right. We have more work to do in these areas if we are to be playoff winning team.


You just can’t give away so many different areas of our team and allow our opponents to take advantage of us in all these different weaknesses we demonstrated frankly every week all season.


We get one bowl game this season so let’s go out in style guys as a solid team needing to be improved in just these handful of areas even if it is just only a God Damn 4-loss soon to be 5-loss God Damn Texas bullshit hose job team we get to play as the # 5 team in America who played the # 3 toughest schedule in the United States of America.  And as for Chipper Towers’ crap that the committee got it right – here stick this up your God Damn dumbass asshole Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation.  We beat Notre Dame.  We beat Oklahoma. We beat Ohio State.  We beat Clemson.  In fact we nearly beat Alabama twice.  Our consolation for ALL THAT ?  Chip Towers telling us committee got it right. FU Chip Towers you are so full of shit boy.


“CFP committee got it right.”






I wanted to play MICHIGAN # 7 not Texas # 15. This is ALL so much bullshit

What a God Damn hose job all around on The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.  We beat Notre Dame.  We beat Oklahoma.  We beat Clemson.  God Damn it we had Alabama beat last year and this year.  So much bullshit committee. Now NOT MICHIGAN but God Damn Texas with their 4 God Damn LOSSES.  Bullshit.



This is BULLSHIT. Notre Dame Official NCAA Strength of Schedule is not even top 25 at # 32 while UGA is # 3 hardest schedule in the nation. Committee says THAT is the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR then move others ahead of us with just plain God Damn Weak Ass Schedules. Oklahoma # 40 SoS. Ohio State # 82 SoS.



Official NCAA Strength of Schedule 2018-2019 season.  Who cares what Oklahoma or Ohio State did against cupcakes, or Notre Dame for that matter ?



Georgia Bulldogs deserve to play in the college football playoffs 2018-2019 season because we can beat Notre Dame and we can beat Oklahoma and because we can beat Clemson.

The fact is however that Las Vegas says # 1 consensus Alabama beats us by 13 and a half points while we’re # 4 consensus.


Here is why : Passing Offense : Alabama 332 yards per game # 6 nationally while UGA is only # 72 at only 221 yards a game.


Saturday 4 p.m. Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium CBS.


Alabama leads the all-time series 25-39-4. Alabama’s Nick Saban will not discuss that he is in. I think you can expect him to say that the loser of UGA Alabama should be in the playoffs. The reality is that The SEC Championship does not matter to Alabama’s inclusion and is all there is for a chance for Georgia despite UGA playing the toughest strength of schedule of all college football playoff hopefuls.


# 46 ranking as top colleges U.S. News and World Report Georgia

# 129 ranking as top college U.S. News and World Report Alabama


The SEC East is the toughest division in college football and we’re 9-5 versus The SEC West this year.


We have to pressure Tua and sack him to win and we’ll have to stop the run. We’ll have to change the Kirby narrative of run first down run second down pass 3rd down with 36 percent passing plays 2018 for Kirby.