I wanted to play MICHIGAN # 7 not Texas # 15. This is ALL so much bullshit

What a God Damn hose job all around on The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.  We beat Notre Dame.  We beat Oklahoma.  We beat Clemson.  God Damn it we had Alabama beat last year and this year.  So much bullshit committee. Now NOT MICHIGAN but God Damn Texas with their 4 God Damn LOSSES.  Bullshit.




This is BULLSHIT. Notre Dame Official NCAA Strength of Schedule is not even top 25 at # 32 while UGA is # 3 hardest schedule in the nation. Committee says THAT is the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR then move others ahead of us with just plain God Damn Weak Ass Schedules. Oklahoma # 40 SoS. Ohio State # 82 SoS.



Official NCAA Strength of Schedule 2018-2019 season.  Who cares what Oklahoma or Ohio State did against cupcakes, or Notre Dame for that matter ?