# 69 Passing Offense and # 67 in Penalties were the 2 areas that hurt us the most this season. We have 1 bowl game to improve our weak areas this year so let’s go win our bowl game and cap a really good season. “CFP committee got it right.”

Kirby’s team was # 67 in penalties per game and we had a ton called every game. They hurt us.


We did not do well on net punting kick-off coverage nor punt return coverage.


# 69 Passing Offense seriously hurt us the most this season.


But we spread around our weakest areas with the # 101 Red Zone Defense giving-up scores nearly every time an opponent got inside our 20-yard line.


And of course as everyone knows we were # 101 on sacking opponents’ quarterbacks too.


# 116 at tackles for a loss we just didn’t get in opponents’ backfield much all season seemingly by design.


The rest of it we did fine at really. It is just these areas which cost us the most this season. We did however make mistakes coaching and substitutions again for the third year in a row of  3 years for Kirby.  Kirby DID have to answer year 3 for his coaching mistakes and substitutions so there is THAT while THIS BLOG was all over Kirby on this all 3 years here making rookie mistakes a head coach at UGA.


For the third toughest schedule in the nation it was a good season where we did a lot right. We have more work to do in these areas if we are to be playoff winning team.


You just can’t give away so many different areas of our team and allow our opponents to take advantage of us in all these different weaknesses we demonstrated frankly every week all season.


We get one bowl game this season so let’s go out in style guys as a solid team needing to be improved in just these handful of areas even if it is just only a God Damn 4-loss soon to be 5-loss God Damn Texas bullshit hose job team we get to play as the # 5 team in America who played the # 3 toughest schedule in the United States of America.  And as for Chipper Towers’ crap that the committee got it right – here stick this up your God Damn dumbass asshole Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation.  We beat Notre Dame.  We beat Oklahoma. We beat Ohio State.  We beat Clemson.  In fact we nearly beat Alabama twice.  Our consolation for ALL THAT ?  Chip Towers telling us committee got it right. FU Chip Towers you are so full of shit boy.


“CFP committee got it right.”