We ran the ball 39 times for only 153 yards and only 1 touchdown. THAT is not imposing our will. 6 penalties for 50 yards. 3 times we punted the ball out of the end zone and once they returned a punt for 36 yards. We missed a field goal. They forced us to return their kick-offs 4 times on which we gained only 67 yards only 16 yards per kick-off return. And we were only 5 of 16 on 3rd down. We faked a punt and gained only 2 yards on 4th and 11 handing them the ball on a short field score tied 3 minutes to go and had wasted a time-out to give them time to call a better play on offense so they scored on that too. We gave up 5 touchdowns. They ran for 5 and a half yards per carry. We ran for 3 point 9 yards per carry. Aside from J. R. Reed a 3-star Mark Richt recruited converted tailback was our leading tackler. We let their back-up QB once again run roughshod over us. We had no answer defensively for Jalen Hurts nor did we have any answer offensively in the 4th quarter. We brought in a back-up QB to disrupt our offensive momentum none of which was on the ground. They stuffed our running game. Why did they win ?



I heard some discussion that we kicked their ass.


28-35 that is not what I saw.