UGA # 46 Georgia Tech # 35 best colleges in America according to U.S. News and World Report 2019 rankings – so now that Georgia Tech has RELAXED its academic standards why is that Georgia Tech has signed only 1 of the top 50 best football players in the state of Georgia each of the last 4 years ? Why is that ? I mean Georgia Tech is NOT Princeton or Harvard but # 35 while UGA is UP to # 46. Seems EQUAL to me nerds. Meaningful degree ? You barely are ranked ahead of The University of Georgia or don’t you bother to keep-up with the TRUTH up-to-date ?

Geoff Collins is going to relax the standards at Georgia Tech even further.  Expect The University of Georgia to bypass the Georgia Institute of Technology in Academic Prestige because one is headed down and the other up.

You have NOT played football at Georgia Tech starting 1957 so why act like you have ?


Where is your hair Geoff Collins ?  Why do you spell your name the English manner Geoff and not Jeff like every other American ?

Geoff Collins was 15-10 at Temple.


Temple with that horribly easy schedule of Temple.

# 46 best college U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges 2018 The University of Georgia vs the # 35 best colleges Georgia Institute of Technology :


The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs are  67–41–5 against Georgia Tech.


Georgia is # 15 and Georgia Tech # 49 in won/lost records FBS football starting 1957 :


Temple beat a bunch of cream puffs and cupcakes – NOT Georgia.


Temple wins under Geoff Collins 2018 Maryland who was 5-7


Tulsa who was 3-9


East Carolina who was 3-9


Navy who was 3-9


South Florida who was 7-5 and


UConn who was 1-9


Geoff Collins Georgia is NOT UConn boy.


Or do you have bigger fish to fry Geoff Collins ?


Georgia Tech played 6 teams playing in a bowl game this 2018-2019 season.


Texas is the # 11 team UGA has played who is playing in a 2018-2019 bowl game.


Temple played only 7 teams who made it to a bowl game this season compared to UGA 10.


Geoff Collins is NOT going to beat Georgia.


Is he ?


Well nerds ?




Nick Saban voted for Oklahoma # 4 not Georgia – so why the bullshit that he thought we deserved to be in the top 4 ?

Hey Nick Saban you dumbass son of a bitch when they asked you to vote for the top 4 to be consistent you have to vote for Georgia # 4 because Oklahoma played the # 40 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule this 2018 season while UGA played the # 3 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule.


“Georgia is one of the 4 best teams in America 2018.  I am voting for Oklahoma # 4 because Oklahoma is # 4 and NOT Georgia.” Nick Saban quotes back-to-back today on the same God Damn day.


Take your medicine you old coot.


I sure as hell want to play your senile ass again Nick Saban you dumb shit.