Nick Saban voted for Oklahoma # 4 not Georgia – so why the bullshit that he thought we deserved to be in the top 4 ?

Hey Nick Saban you dumbass son of a bitch when they asked you to vote for the top 4 to be consistent you have to vote for Georgia # 4 because Oklahoma played the # 40 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule this 2018 season while UGA played the # 3 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule.


“Georgia is one of the 4 best teams in America 2018.  I am voting for Oklahoma # 4 because Oklahoma is # 4 and NOT Georgia.” Nick Saban quotes back-to-back today on the same God Damn day.


Take your medicine you old coot.


I sure as hell want to play your senile ass again Nick Saban you dumb shit.




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