We have played more in the Sugar Bowl than we have any other bowl game.

We average scoring 9 more points than Texas and we average giving-up 9 fewer points than Texas so we should beat the shit out of them by 18 points.


Texas is specifically terrible at running the football in that pass-happy Big XII which Texas by the way has NOT won in a decade now.


Our second longest active streak of 22 bowl games is better than all teams except one.


We can even-up our Sugar Bowl record at 5-5 with this win over should be 5-loss Texas who has NO GOD DAMN BUSINESS playing The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs consensus # 5 best team in the nation according to EVERYONE.


Well some of us see us as # 4.


Nick Saban for example said we were # 4 then voted Oklahoma # 4 us # 5.