If you had an 8-team play-off then there would be 44 bowl games and 3 bowl games for 2 teams every year and those 4 more bowl games would be HUGE not something that happens on-campus. Also # 5 Georgia would NOT play # 1 Alabama back-to-back you dumbass Danny Kanell nor would Washington CLEARLY not ranked in ANY top 8 teams be in then dumb shit Danny Kanell former Falcons’ no good QB who threw 34 NFL Interceptions to only 30 NFL TD.

Danny Kanell is an absolute CBS idiot.  # 4 Georgia played the # 3 toughest schedule in the nation according to Official NCAA Strength of Schedule and Oklahoma played # 40 strength of schedule.  Therefore Danny Kannell states Georgia is not # 4 nor even # 5 but # 8.


And UCF is # 5 who played absolutely no one all season.


Danny Kanell doesn’t care about who you played just how many you lost.


Danny Kanell also doesn’t care that he threw more NFL interceptions than TD Passes just that he was an “NFL Quarterback.”  No he wasn’t.


Danny Kanell states Washington makes the play-offs.  Washington is not ranked in the top 8 of the Coaches’ Poll or the AP Poll nor the College Football Playoff Poll.


Danny Kanell not only wants to expand the play-offs to 8 teams but include teams in the top 8 who are not there according to anyone but he wants to add 4 more bowl games to the 40 we already play.


So these 4 new bowl games are going to be huge.  It would be with an 8-team format Ohio State against Georgia a week from Tuesday 25 December Christmas Day the winner to make the playoffs.  That game would be so huge that Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz would host it.  It would be unfair to have it at Sanford Stadium nor Ohio State stadium.

College Football Playoff play-in game # 2 this year would be then UCF against Alabama.


Michigan would play Clemson to play-in to the  College Football Playoffs.


And the last play-in game would be Oklahoma and Notre Dame.


These games would all 4 be so huge that it would be unfair for any to happen on the other’s home field. And the TV revenue from each of these 4 would be so huge that venues would all vie to host them.


You got it all wrong Danny Kanell as you always have all your lifetime.  So if I am arguing for UGA to play Ohio State as a play-in game to the college football play-offs in expanded 8-team play-offs then I am admitting that Georgia did not make it.  Honestly we deserve it more than Oklahoma who played # 40 schedule strength.  Certainly then we are not # 8 as Danny Kanell maintains today but # 5 but ONLY because the committee got it wrong.  And they did.


Ultimately it was our BAD LOSS to LSU losing by 3 TD than it was playing the best game Alabama faced.  It was that Kirby was stubborn on offense did not play his top recruits and the play of his top recruits was all questionable again this year as it was year 1 two years ago and year 2 last year.


You can not lose by 3 TD to someone who lost 3 games and who should have lost 4 games while you told me we could go down there and lose and still make the playoffs.  No we couldn’t.  You were wrong and I was right.


Kirby’s offense stinks.  We run first down.  Run second down.  Pass 3rd down.  Next year is year 4 of that bullshit.  It doesn’t work.  Had Kirby played his best players 2016 or 2017 or 2018 that still would NOT WORK.


THAT is why we are NOT IN.


Get over it.


Kirby is stubborn.  Kirby has absolutely NO EXPERIENCE coaching offense nor coaching special teams and meddles in the choices of BOTH costing us games 2016 and costing us games 2017 and again 2018 costing us games.  You just can not bring yourself to say it.  Kirby recruits well but that will drop-off if he can make someone OC who can make it happen.  We try to sit on the ball on offense even when we are losing.  That’s bullshit.