Justin Fields is FRUSTRATED ? How do you think I feel ?

This is ALL Title IX and Kirby refused to fix it.  His next coach will.  I would have.  Kirby is wrong to not have.  Look this is 2019.  Stubborn Kirby OWED it to Justin Fields.


This country if we are going to be great is going to have to admit that we have to do much more to make sure that we are fair.  I have lived in Atlanta all my life and know how Henry Aaron was treated first-hand at Fulton County stadium.  I cry to think in 2019 that we still can not bring ourselves to FIX this. You fix this by being fair.  I’m fair.  Justin Fields is my starting QB.


Did you get that ?


Well did you punk ?


The future is NOT cloudy for Justin Fields.  He will go somewhere of his choice and be the most talented quarterback if not overall player on THAT team just as he was on THIS TEAM 2018.  And he will be drafted by the NFL higher than Jake Fromm.  And he will CONTINUE to be a BETTER QUARTERBACK than Jake Fromm.  Jake Fromm admitted THAT FACT to YOU twice.  Justin Fields will be the starting QB next year.  He will CONTINUE to throw the football better than Jake Fromm.  Handing the football off and leading the team in fumbles and sacks along with losing both of the top 2 games last year and now losing both of the top 2 games this year is NOT making Jake Fromm BETTER than Justin Fields.





Frankly when the racist Georgia Bulldogs’ scholarship athlete yelled at Kirby from the stands at Sanford Kirby should have replied by making him the starting QB the very next game.


This is 2019.  Justin Fields is a fine young man and NONE of this bullshit from Kirby toward Justin Fields is warranted justified or even understandable.


We as a University in 2019 owed it to Justin Fields to START him after the racist yelling by someone this University thought so highly of to give a free education and $ 1 dollar ticket to say that to him.


I am so GOD DAMN mad about every bit of this.


If you followed THIS BLOG you knew all of this before today.


Long before today.


I told Justin Fields to transfer.


Jake Fromm is a 4-year Georgia Bulldogs’ Quarterback.  The NFL is NOT going to offer Jake Fromm a contract other than as a free agent if he did declare for the 2020 NFL Draft and going undrafted.  Don’t give me this shit that he would be drafted in the first round as soon as he is eligible for the NFL Draft if he wanted to.  It’s bullshit he goes in the first round if he declared early (in 2020) to let Justin Fields play quarterback here.  It has NOTHING to do with what YOU want or wish or what Jake Fromm or Kirby wants.  He’s NOT an NFL Quarterback.  He can’t run the football.  He fumbles when he tries to.  He is sacked 4 times a game every good team.  He can’t throw the football.  You could argue that he isn’t allowed to throw the ball by Kirby and of course that is what we’re talking about.  But the facts are that he is the # 106 Passing Offense 2017 and now the # 68 Passing Offense Quarterback 2018.  What in the HELL makes YOU think THAT is NFL Quarterback ?  THAT is NOT what the NFL is looking for at all.


Jake Fromm is NOT being drafted until 2021 and then he is a PROJECT.  Aaron Murray was a PROJECT too.  You are STILL full of shit for that which YOU SAID about Aaron Murray as well.  Why have you finally shut-up about him ?  Because I was right about him too.  Jake Fromm gets ZERO votes as top quarterback from anyone. Jake Fromm is not 3rd string on ANY list of the top college football players.   Jake Fromm is not eligible for the College Football Hall of Fame and neither was Aaron Murray. They’re both unfortunately very similar. I told you Aaron Murray would NEVER throw an NFL pass. He NEVER DID.


Jake Fromm is not even the most talented quarterback on our own roster. He lost his 2 biggest games last year and he’s lost his only 2 big games both this year too. Jake Fromm lacks the pizazz.  The facts are that both Jacob Eason AND Justin Fields will be drafted HIGHER than Jake Fromm.




So what does all this mean about Justin Fields ?


All of this is why Justin Fields had to play so much 2018. I told you he would because of this. He did because of this. I told you Kirby told me he would. I told you Kirby did play Justin Fields. You tried to tell me Justin Fields would and should redshirt. Uh no. We misused Justin Fields 2018. Kirby misused Justin Fields 2018 just as Kirby misused Jacob Eason 2017.


I read that this is NOT Kirby’s fault.




It’s ALL Kirby’s fault.


Kirby misused Justin Fields all season long.  It was bullshit how Kirby used Justin Fields.


There is NO EXCUSE for what Kirby did to Jacob Eason 2017-2018 season just as there is NO EXCUSE for what Kirby did to Justin Fields 2018.


Kirby is going to have to fix his meddling ways in our offense with Kirby’s zero experience on offense.


Kirby doesn’t know what he is doing on offense or special teams.


Kirby’s last play call for Justin Fields was to remove Jake Fromm as the Starting Quarterback and insert instead Justin Fields as Quarterback and then on 4th Down fake the field goal and go for it.


That’s all wrong.


Jake Fromm would have recognized the situation and snapped early.


Jake Fromm would have completed the pass therefore.  And into a small window.


So why Justin Fields Kirby Smart ?


And LSU that’s the game that ruined the season.


Jake Fromm was having an off day.


It happens.


Why NOT Justin Fields then ?


Because it was unfair to Justin Fields ?  What total bullshit Kirby.


Now Ohio State Florida State Florida LSU Oklahoma Penn State Auburn stand to gain our only real quarterback option because of what Kirby did to Jacob Eason and now to Justin Fields.  Stay out of the offense Kirby hire a real Offensive Coordinator and let him run the show.  We just lost our most talented quarterback.  It’s bullshit this Kirby offense 2016 2017 and now 2018.  We average the # 100 Passing Offense with Kirby.


This is 2019 now Kirby.  Justin Fields is going to be drafted HIGHER AND BETTER than Jake Fromm.