Kirby goes out-of-state to sign 12 of his 20 joining us now. Kirby is # 2 overall as he was # 1 overall last year and # 3 overall the year before (and # 6 his partial first year.) Kirby is getting it done. Kirby went NATIONAL ! 15 of the top players in the country added today ! Great Coach can be seen that way just by being a GREAT RECRUITER. Kirby is that.

Nolan Smith 5-Star new goggle boy and top linebacker too out of Savannah # 1 overall

Nakobe Dean 5-Star top linebacker # 1 Mississippi # 14 overall

Clay Webb 5-Star on OL comes Spring # 1 Alabama to get on field 2019 # 22 overall early

Travon Walker 5-Star fills big need on DL Upson-Lee # 24 overall

Dominick Blaylock 5-Star out of Walton wants to catch passes from Jake Fromm # 34 overall

Lewis Cine as well out of Texas is another highly sought after at defensive back # 66 overall

Rian Davis linebacker out of Florida # 90 overall

Trezmen Marshall Linebacker Clinch County # 122 overall

Bill Norton # 2 Tennessee DL # 129 overall

Xavier Truss # 1 Rhode Island # 139 overall 330 lbs. OL

Kenny McIntosh Top 10 RB in the nation from Florida # 179 overall

Ryland Goede TE from Tennessee # 196 overall

Jermaine Johnson Linebacker is joining us from Minnesota # 1 JUCO early

D.J. Daniel a defensive back also fills an important need Griffin top-rated JUCO early

Tramel Walthour DL Liberty County JUCO early

Makiya Tongue WR from Baton Rouge # 209 overall

Warren McClendon 320 lbs. OL Brunswick # 235 overall

Dwan Mathis 6′ 6″ 205 lbs. QB from Michigan # 261 overall

Zion Logue from Tennessee 6′ 5″ 295 lbs. DL # 344 overall

Tymon Mitchell from Tennessee 6′ 3″ 315 lbs. DL # 418 overall



In all 20 signed with a dozen from other states


Kirby has really done it.  All over the country.  Kids buying-in.  A coach can be a great coach simply by recruiting top players.  He can call a bad game offensively and call a bad game special teams and with all this talent still be in fact a great coach.


Mark Richt NEVER did this.  Kirby has done this 3 times in a row # 2 # 1 and # 3 classes (# 6 Kirby’s first partial year.)



16 of the ESPN Top 300.


Solid # 2 best in the nation.




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