Florida # 16 in recruiting zowie – that’s NOT going to get the job done is it ? Florida’s head coach has a BAD RECORD IN THE SEC – LOSING RECORD VS SEC DAN MULLEN 38-42 Bad 38 SEC wins 42 SEC losses Dan Mullen. Great hire ? NOT. I said the SAME about their previous hire as coach didn’t I ? NOT great hire. Ohio State # 12 Good gracious I told you those 2 hires were NOT GOOD # 12 Ohio State instead of # 3 every year BAD NEWS for Ohio State about THEIR NEW COACH with NO EXPERIENCE. Southern California # 21 oh dear This is another who EVERY YEAR was at the tippy top # 2 or # 1 now # 21 with BAD HIRE AS COACH not getting job done is he ? Miami of Florida # 38 Mark Richt. Is he retiring or just quit ? # 38 Mark Richt # 2 Kirby and the dumbasses told me they are NOW a Miami fan and how great Mark Richt is. Did you get that ?