“word of advice: ——————— – don’t swing and miss … especially not your second time” TATE MARTELL‏ @TheTateMartell “THE Quarterback at The Ohio State University” to Justin Fields (just go already if you’re leaving – we don’t want you either)






Georgia Bulldogs senior class beats Georgia Tech all 4 games in a ROW for the fifth time. Josh Pastner lost at McCamish Pavilion which is the same old building it always has been all our lives Alexander Memorial Coliseum which Georgia Tech wasted money on fixing-up a few years ago. It’s too small and Georgia Tech not competitive. Josh Pastner does not have a winning record at Georgia Tech 40-40 in his third year unable to recruit to that tiny old gym. Tom Crean 70-59 winner tonight is 3 games over .500 a winning record for UGA by contrast.

God I hate Georgia Tech and all their LIES.