Basketball 2018-2019 season Georgia Bulldogs Men RPI # 154 Women RPI # 144 frankly NEITHER are going anywhere both with strength of schedule # 200


Sad what passes for basketball around here.


I am not making excuses for our basketball at Georgia but the facts remain that the other SEC schools have spent their record-breaking SEC Revenue-Sharing monies to build them a new gym while we build our bank balance and do nothing to try to improve our basketball.


The kids do NOT want to come to Georgia to play in a basketball gym no one likes or thinks is good.


It’s 50 years old and out-of-date.


We can’t recruit our players here to come play in it.


Wake up.


Give our basketball programs a Merry Christmas by building us a new gym please.


With Andy Landers we used to be at least competitive in women’s basketball.  Now I don’t even want to watch us lose.