Merry Christmas Kirby. There are NOT 95 Scholarships however. So who doesn’t have one ? 22 recruits 32 freshmen 24 sophomores and 17 juniors. With only 14 seniors signing 22 recruits is expecting lots fall-out in the next couple of days. Who are they with NO SCHOLARSHIP of the 95 ?

  1. Justin Fields is one no scholly – say he wants to play Sugar Bowl ?  I am NOT in favor of that.  He quit.  Go
  2. I can not see where Stetson Bennett IV gets a scholarship was walk-on left team gets scholly?
  3. Unfortunately I have been reporting about rising Junior Deangelo Gibbs head not right – no scholly
  4. Luke Ford I guess he’s gone
  5. JR Reed our best player should consider the millions first round pick leaves I think
  6. Isaac Nauta one of the top players nationally not much prove here either like JR Reed I think leaves
  7. Mecole Hardman Jr. NFL thinking about it wasted by Kirby freshman year leaves I think
  8. Evander Holyfield like Mecole been talking about going NFL early well 1000 yard season leaves I think


I think Kirby is right that 2 more quit the team.  There were some weird distribution of number of snaps this 2018 season.  I think Kirby pissed-off quite a few player guys being them and not playing them more.  I think 22 recruits signing is about right.


This is how I see it.






Merry Christmas !