I’m gusted that we get to play Texas disgusted it’s not to then play Alabama re-match for national championship. It’s inscrutable that we’re not in the play-offs but it’s scrutable to me that Kirby’s senior class can etch win # 43. It’s ineffable to describe that we’re not in the play-offs but it’s effable to me that we get to beat Texas’ asses instead. While I’m disappointed we’re not in the play-offs I certainly am appointed that we can beat-up on Texas as our motivation to beat the shit out of someone about all this crap. You can write it down in indelible ink that we are certain we deserved to be in the play-offs but as for this shit that somehow you can write it deligibly we might lose to Texas – well that’s just so much bullshit. # 3 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football schedule strength toughest in the nation Official NCAA Strength of Schedule 2018 is impeccable while Oklahoma # 40 Strength of schedule is certainly peccable isn’t it ? The committee was most certainly indolent in putting Oklahoma in whom we beat in 2018 already in the Rose Bowl which they seem to have forgotten but not us. The committee should have been more dolent and noticed we beat Oklahoma 2018 AND we played a far tougher schedule. Who wins UGA or OK ? Indefatigably we’d wear-out their sorry asses again this same year 2018 and defatibably OK would never beat UGA this same damn year. Our incessant plea is to play Alabama again but the committee cessantly blocked us even though we’re the best bet to beat Alabama according to Nick Saban himself that we’re the team he doesn’t want to face again. It was reckless for the committee to leave us out. Maybe the committee could have reckedly had us play Oklahoma and whomever won gets in the play-offs and whomever loses didn’t. So I am remaining disgruntled until the committee gruntles us by allowing us of all teams to in fact be playing in the play-offs but I damn sure wouldn’t want to be Texas having to face a pissed off UGA Georgia Bulldogs’ team instead.

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