Paul Johnson who did not play college football himself is run out of town on a rail by Georgia Tech who then FIRED all his coaching staff. He ends 5 bowl wins 8 bowl losses for his entire coaching career. He never could recruit averaging # 52 recruiting class. In 11 games against UGA he had 3 wins at Georgia Tech a “winning percentage” of 0.27 and is a FOOL who never did win ANY ACC Championship EVER because he CHEATED. Geoff Collins replaces him but while he was there Paul Johnson put Georgia Tech on back-to-back repeat offender NCAA Probation in FOOTBALL. Tonight they got BLOWN-OUT 34-10 by a sorry football opponent.

It was a fitting end to Paul Johnson who once told everyone he had bigger fish to fry than Georgia.  Uh huh.  Oh Paul Johnson LOST that game against Georgia.


Geoff Collins was 7-6 and 8-4 as his only two previous years coaching.  His recruiting class is particularly lousy and he has to replace 8 of his starters on defense.  Geoff Collins has no previous experience on offense at all anywhere and now has FIRED all of Paul Johnson’s entire coaching staff.


Since 1957 Georgia Tech has been really shitty at football.


17 wins over UGA in 62 games since 1957.  How bad is that ?  0.27 “winning percentage” ever-so slightly worse for Paul “Fish Fry” Johnson against Georgia.


Georgia Tech is NOT in the top 50 football programs starting 1957 :




God awful.



Geoff Collins’ team Temple plays tonight against Duke.  He wasn’t going to win that game so he quit before he lost his bowl game.


UGA is # 46 college

Georgia Tech is # 35


You listen to Georgia Tech one would get the impression they think they are Princeton or Harvard.


Truth is UGA is right there in 2019 U.S. News and World Report Rankings.


Aren’t we ?


67-39-5 UGA against Georgia Tech Geoff Collins is NOT going to beat Georgia Bulldogs is he ?


Paul Johnson’s last 4 years at Georgia Tech he won 1 bowl game lost 1 bowl game and was not qualified to play as one of the top 80 football teams half of his last 4 years.


All of this is pretty damn sad for Paul Johnson and for Georgia Tech.


The future promises more of the same.


6.2 wins per year last 61 years after 1957 Georgia Tech

5.1 losses per year last 61 years after 1957 Georgia Tech