The committee did NOT need 8 teams this year in the play-offs. It appeared that they needed a + 1 Plus One to get it right. Oklahoma with Official NCAA Strength Schedule # 40 should have had to BEAT Georgia Bulldogs to get in the play-offs who played # 3 toughest schedule in the nation AND we BEAT Oklahoma January 1 earlier this year. That’s all they appear to have needed. Plus One. + 1



I would NOT want to be Texas Longhorns who are going to face one pissed-off Georgia Bulldogs team in the Sugar Bowl a bowl game we have been to more than any other bowl we ever have been to.


We’ve only been to 1 Sugar Bowl since we were losing nothing to 28 before we can sit down booing Mike Adam$ at the Sugar Bowl in Atlanta before Mark Richt was losing to West Virginia in that Sugar Bowl here the 2005 season.  That one was following the 2007 season in which Mark Richt lost to both South Carolina who did not even play in a bowl game 2007 season and lost to the vols 14-35 in a blow-out.


We need this win to get the lousy taste out of our mouths for crappy Mark Richt seasons in which he went to the Sugar Bowl and we need it to prove to dumbasses who still think Oklahoma should be in the play-offs and NOT us instead.



Dumb shits.




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