“My love for The U is simply great. My true desire is for our football program to return to greatness and while terribly difficult I feel that stepping down is in the best interests of the program.” Manuel Alberto Diaz II named head coach at Miami only days after taking Temple job. Manny Diaz has never coached before. Miami of Florida is a SHIT JOB # 36 winning percentage 2004 to-date. Mark Richt # 33 in recruiting rankings just signed last week.



Miami has not been able to win since it left the lousy stinking Big East.


Return to greatness ?


Oh good Lord.


Miami has only 622-360-19 wins while UGA Georgia Bulldogs have 819-422-54 wins


Georgia has 25 % more wins in college football than U Miami of Florida whose only claim to fame was that it did play in the Big East where it ran up its wins’ total and since cannot carry the city of Miami who doesn’t embrace the crap program.


Mark Richt was NEVER going to work at Miami.


Manny Diaz has NEVER COACHED one game anywhere.


Kirby Smart has out-recruited Mark Richt and won more football games than Mark Richt who NEVER should have been hired by Miami of Florida.


Mark Richt was # 33 in recruiting rankings just signed with Miami of Florida.   Mark Richt signed only 6 who are 4-star and only 8 who are 3-star with the rest 2-star.


7 wins 9 losses his last entire 16 games at Miami Mark Richt lost to a dozen unranked teams at Georgia after 2007.  After 2007 at UGA Mark Richt lost 18 of his last 24 games against top 15 teams # 42 nationally at that.  Mark Richt was FIRED with cause from Georgia and forced-out at Miami who wanted Manny Diaz before he started at Temple.





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