Happy New Year 2019 ! The Big Easy average elevation of the city is currently between 1 foot and 2 feet below sea level with some major areas 7 feet below sea level. No one ever told me that all the times we went there. But Katrina changed all that. Now we all know the truth when one million people there were displaced and thousands died. Gun violence and murder remain the rule of the day for NOLA. I watched in horror as Katrina was 917 mbar as it hit landfall. It’s not really land not as God intended it anyway. Why wasn’t I ever told ? I wish y’all the best. Truly I do. But you won’t find ME in New Orleans EVER AGAIN.


I just want to be clear about this.


I’m not going.


Ever again.


When I think of the Superdome all I can think of is the shit inside the stadium.  Pardon me.





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