UGA Georgia Bulldogs have been to 22 consecutive bowl games dating back to 1997 to start this run and we’ve WON 16 of them. Also we have played in 55 bowl games with only 1 school who has played in more bowl games than we have. 31-20-3 only 2 schools have done better. We have played in 17 different bowl games which is the all-time record for most different bowl games played-in. Texas is tied with us with now 55 appearances but Texas only has 28 wins.



Texas is specifically terrible at running the football in that pass-happy Big XII which Texas by the way has NOT won in a decade now.


Our second longest active streak of 22 bowl games is better than all teams except one but Virginia Tech loses their bowl games.  We win.  16 wins of those 22 years for us.


We can even-up our Sugar Bowl record at 5-5 with this win over should be 5-loss Texas who has NO GOD DAMN BUSINESS playing The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs consensus # 5 best team in the nation according to EVERYONE.


We average scoring 9 more points than Texas and we average giving-up 9 fewer points than Texas so we should beat the shit out of them by 18 points.


323 Georgia Bulldogs have been drafted by the NFL while 317 Texas Longhorns have been.




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