DEANDRE LAMAR BAKER I recommend that you do not show-up to NFL Combines either. Just rest on what you have done. Nothing good can happen for you there either.

You little piece of shit DEANDRE LAMAR BAKER.


You knew full-well that Texas can not run the ball and that all they would be trying to do is pass the ball.


Supposedly you are some great God Damn Pass Defender.


Bullshit boy.




I don’t want you associated with collegiate football and certainly not with my alma mater you God Damn little shit.


Oh I might get hurt.


Texas might attack me and make my stats bad.




Stick THIS up your God Damn dumb shit asshole DEANDRE LAMAR BAKER.




I hope one day when you grow-up DEANDRE LAMAR BAKER and go back to Miami that you will reflect on how you turned your back on your football team.


Don’t bother telling anyone you played football for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs DEANDRE LAMAR BAKER.


David Pollack said don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass on the way out DEANDRE LAMAR BAKER.


I hope you get friqin’ injured in the NFL Combines.


You’ll get your ass kicked in the NFL by real Georgia Bulldogs.











13-2 last year


8-5 year one


32-10 three years but that is not the whole story.


Our offense is pitiful.


We let a guy who said he was transferring travel and be on the sidelines.


We let a guy Deandre Baker who said he was on the team quit the team and say he was not going to play in the game against a team we all knew could not run the ball and had to throw it and that his prowess shutting down a passing game.


We lined-up and tried to just run the ball as only Kirby only does want to do.


When we fell behind only then after giving-up 4 scores did we try to pass the ball.


I am sorry.  That is just pitiful.