We ran our God Damn big mouths on social media that we were # 2 best team then our offense failed to show-up and we were down 7-28 to a sorry Texas team who LOST to a 7-loss Maryland not even in a bowl game and Texas LOST to a 6-loss team Oklahoma State because our team TOOK TEXAS LIGHTLY and because for said # 2 best team in America we ended 2018-2019 season the # 69 Passing Offense which is FULL OF SHIT Kirby in ALL RESPECTS. 10 losses 3 Kirby years to-date 3 LOSSES this year Kirby. 3 for the # 2 team your players told us all who ALSO all told us YOU ALLOWED YOUR PLAYERS TO TAKE TEXAS LIGHTLY and YOU KIRBY had starters BENCHED again Kirby as you have done previously AGAIN Kirby. # 97 then # 105 now # 69 Passing Offense. Kirby AVERAGES the # 90 Passing Offense. Last night Kirby insisted we keep running into a 9-man box. That’s ALL BULLSHIT Kirby and must get fixed. Quit the EXCUSES and lies Kirby. Your OFFENSE sucks Kirby. Quit telling LIES to the press Kirby. It sounds bad. It makes it WORSE. Admit truth Kirby.

There are no excuses


# 97 Passing Offense 2016 Kirby Jacob Eason

# 105 Passing Offense 2017 Kirby Jake Fromm

# 69 Passing Offense 2018 Kirby Jake Fromm


Average # 90 Passing Offense entire Kirby Era to-date.  Kirby has zero experience on coaching Offense and his meddling shows that Kirby gets pissed-off at players and refuses to let them play.


It’s what he does.


To make a point to the players.


Damn the team.


We don’t play our best players on OFFENSE.


On Defense we rotate EVERYONE.  So everyone plays.


On OFFENSE we really don’t.  If a guy gets 3 snaps on OFFENSE that is NOT ROTATING THEM Kirby you dumb shit.


Did you think we needed to do SOMETHING DIFFERENT Kirby losing 7-28 you dumbass son of a bitch Kirby ?


Jesus Christ.


Run first down.

Run second down.

Pass third down.


Down 28 points to our only 7 then only then did Kirby let Jake Fromm THROW the God Damn Football.


God damn it Kirby fix your God Damn Passing Offense Kirby you stubborn son of a bitch.




How can we be the # 3 team in America and be # 69 Passing Offense down 28 to our 7 at the end of the game against a team who LOST to a 7-loss Maryland and LOST to a 6-loss Oklahoma State