85 Scholarships 2019 season seems on-target with the number 85 as I see it after 8 players leave our TROUBLED OFFENSE – frankly I see more fallout on offense in the next couple of days too this time on the TROUBLED OFFENSIVE LINE. Kirby’s meddling in our offense has led to this following Kirby’s 3rd annual average # 90 Passing Offense – oh and his 10 losses in 3 years including 3 losses by “the # 2 best team in the nation.”

Let’s be very clear why the loss to Texas happened.  It’s Kirby Smart’s fault for his dogged stubborn offensive game plan of running every play up the gut into the 8-man Texas front designed to stop the run by Tom Herman.  Falling behind 7 to Texas 28 Kirby finally let Jake Fromm throw the football.  The game was over.  We never got to 28 against a team who lost both to a 7-loss team and lost to a 6-loss team but Texas beat “the # 2 best team in the nation” Kirby’s players repeatedly told us pre-game.  There is unrest here.  This is NOT unifying.


8 Offensive players on-scholarship have announced so far they are jumping ship.


Jumping Kirby’s offensive ship.


The LSU loss also was the fault of the offense.


Failed # 69 Passing Offense 2018 Kirby put-up.


# 69 Passing Offense for “the second-best team in the nation.”


What’s wrong with this picture 2019 ?


Oh and of course Alabama took advantage of our offense 2017 and 2018 seasons now over for us.  In fact we should’ve lost to Alabama again too for we never beat Alabama since we couldn’t even beat Texas.


No I’m not happy.


And of course Auburn beat our Offense 2017 too as Kirby’s # 97 Passing Offense 2017 held us back 2017 too.


Kirby’s failed offense of 2016 was the # 105 Passing Offense.  No wonder Kirby lost 5 games 2016 due to his failed offense.


This leads us to today where 8 of this TROUBLED KIRBY OFFENSE now 2019 have stated they quit the team offensively and are moving-on.


Luke Ford I don’t care about him.


Justin Fields I don’t care about him.


Deangelo Gibbs now I did care about him but found reports of medical condition to not be truthful about the lack of playing time afforded by Kirby who painted him as entitled. Unfortunately we have to move on with him not in classes AGAIN this semester and only playing half the games.


They’re gone.  They have had it up to here with Kirby’s meddling in their piddling number of snaps 2018.


Elijah Holyfield was part of this offense 2018 that wasn’t a very good offense.  It needed shaking-up.  Kirby should have wholesale tried something different.  That he did NOT speaks volumes to Elijah Holyfield jumping-ship.  Notice if you will that Kirby gave Holyfield now an NFL player only 6 rushes in 5 games wasting his entire season 2016.  It made no sense.   We got to see him therefore only 2 years really.  Never used right really any of the so-called 3 years. Stupid by Kirby as I see it.  Kirby wasted Elijah Holyfield’s entire career here.   I’m with Elijah Holyfield on this.  Did Kirby figure-out what he had with Elijah Holyfield or waste his career here ?  You tell me.  I’ve already told you from Elijah Holyfield’s point of view to leave this morning.  2016 only 6 carries total in 5 games 1 carry per game wasted by Kirby.  2017 three carries per game for this 1000-yard running back and not used on special teams either just wasted.  Now 2018 eleven carries per game.  It was up to Elijah Holyfield to get to 1000-yards this season on his own with only 11 carries per game by Kirby.  Kirby NEVER recognized what he had with Elijah Holyfield and only now looking-back can see how he wasted him like Mark Richt did Knowshon Moreno.  I told you Kirby did not give him enough carries here at Georgia and that Kirby could lose him as a result.  Why stay ?  To get 11 carries a game next year ?  If he got 33 carries would he have been a 3000-yard season running back ?  Well certainly a LOT more than barely a 1000-yard man with only 11 carries per game.  He had to go. Again why stay ?  What is in it for Elijah Holyfield ?


Isaac Nauta.  Another who Kirby frankly just wasted.  2016 I would have made Isaac Nauta the # 1 target for our passing attack.  Barely over 2 throws per game 2018 season to the nation’s top tight end who will be a mainstay in the NFL for a decade and a half as pro bowl performer.  Criminal.  Starting only 5 games 2016 Kirby threw FEWER PASSES to Isaac Nauta 2016 season.  Why did Kirby lose 5 games 2016 ?  Because Kirby’s offense sucked especially throwing the ball.  Isaac Nauta was a solution to that 2016 but Kirby was slow on the uptake.  Kirby started out slowly with Isaac Nauta only 29 catches 2016 and Kirby fizzled-out altogether now this failed 2018 season again only throwing Isaac Nauta 30 catches.  I would leave were I Isaac Nauta too.  Criminal.  Kirby 2017 only threw the ball 9 times to Isaac Nauta.  9.  Are you getting this ?  I will predict and guarantee that Isaac Nauta has 1000-yard SEASON in the NFL.  Here Kirby did not let him get close to that figure combined his entire Bulldog career.  This too is on Kirby alone.  I guaranteed you he was gone after this year since pre-season last year.


Mecole Hardman Jr.  They are all alike.  All these who left all of whom are great football players.  All of whom I criticized Kirby for his WASTING of them here.  2016 while Kirby was losing 5 games Kirby did not throw the football one time to Mecole Hardman Jr. who I told Kirby from the pre-season had to start and had to start on special teams too.  Kirby was so slow on the uptake with Mecole Hardman Jr. that THIS BLOG suggested he should transfer-out.  One and a half passes per game Kirby threw to Mecole Hardman Jr. last year 2017.  And this year 2018 Kirby threw 2 and a half throws per game to Mecole Hardman Jr.  Again criminal.  Again in the NFL Mecole Hardman Jr. will again put-up 1000 yard season but here combined all 3 seasons Kirby did not throw the ball for 1000 yards to this man who will be talked about as ANOTHER wasted Offensive Player by Kirby here at Georgia.  I suggested he was gone after this year because he isn’t used enough here clearly either.


Riley Ridley.   Look there are others here on Offense too.  Guys who are unbelievably wasted by Kirby who has NEVER COACHED Offense and has no idea how to get more snaps to his offensive stars than these piddling bullshit numbers for ALL OF THESE who are leaving and to many more also wasted whom Kirby doesn’t hurry-up and get more snaps to.  This is not a fun offense for our players.  It doesn’t work.  One pass per game 2016 by Kirby to Riley Ridley whom Kirby stole at the last moment in recruiting.  I think his brother has second-thoughts about telling Riley Ridley to come here to also last year 2017 have only 1 throw per game to his brother.  Now we see I was right all along on Riley Ridley too yet still really only 3 throws per game did Kirby throw to Riley Ridley.  Riley Ridley had only 12 throws to him by Kirby all of 2016 and only 14 throws all of 2017.  His 44 this year prove he was capable of being a difference maker for us last year and the year before but once again Kirby was slow on the uptake.  I suggest his brother apologized to Riley Ridley and told him to come on the NFL that he was wrong sending him here for Kirby to waste 2 years.  2 of his only 3 years here. I am sad to see Riley Ridley go with these numbers Kirby allowed him here.  There will be NFL analysts who will notice this snub by Kirby here for 2 years.  Trust me.


Jeremiah Holloman has been the Riley Ridley of 2016 and 2017 now for Jeremiah Holloman 2017 and 2018.  I told you Jeremiah Holloman would be a star.  That he would be a leading wide receiver for us.  Kirby will not throw the ball to him anymore than Kirby did to Riley Ridley his first 2 years here too.  Last year 2017 Kirby played Jeremiah Holloman 5 games all season to Jeremiah Holloman.  5.  This is just like Kirby did to Elijah Holyfield 5 games 2016 for Elijah Holyfield by Kirby too.  At least Elijah Holyfield got 6 carries in 5 games 2016 by Kirby.  Kirby only gave Jeremiah Holloman one catch in 5 games.  One.  Criminal.  Now this year 2018 Kirby only gave Jeremiah Holloman one and three-quarters of a throw per game.  I’m telling you as I did all last year 2017 that Jeremiah Holloman will have 1000-yard seasons in the NFL and be a star.  THIS BLOG guaranteed to you last year 2017 that Jeremiah Holloman would be our star receiver since Kirby obviously didn’t like Mecole Hardman Jr.  Boy was I wrong.  Kirby won’t give the ball to Jeremiah Holloman EITHER.  Just like Kirby won’t hurry-up his offense and get more snaps for ALL THESE GUYS so our offensive players feel like they are contributing more than they feel they are here for Kirby so they all leave.  Kirby what in the hell is wrong with you on Offense ?  Hire someone to tell you who to play Kirby.  You can’t continue this wholesale wasting of talent on Offense only to shuttle your defense in and out wholesale getting your defense all the snaps they need to shine for you here Kirby.  It’s your offense you meddle in Kirby that is # 69 Passing Offense for “the second-best team in the nation” Kirby.  You dumb shit.


Demetris Robertson.  Oh good Lord Kirby.  Only 9 games played and only zero passes caught.  4 rushes for 109 yards for the nation’s number one wide receiver.  I am just out of words for you Kirby.  Dumbass.  Dumb shit.  You better figure-out how to run a hurry-up Kirby and get more snaps for your offense or you will find yourself without your dream job no matter how good your defense and no matter how many top stars you recruit here and run-off on offense Kirby.  You’re getting a reputation on offense Kirby.  Wake up you stubborn son of a bitch.  Demetris Robertson’s brother is looking smart and right on this all along now Kirby.  What is your problem on offense Kirby ?  You don’t know jack shit about offense Kirby and NEVER HAVE.  Quit acting like you do and making all these boneheaded decisions Kirby. You’re smarter than this Kirby.  Hire offensive help.  Quit meddling with the offense.  We all saw you didn’t want to replace your defensive coordinator who left because you wanted to be the defensive coordinator in the last game the bowl game loss Kirby where your offense failed to respond except once to 6 scores by Texas down 7 to 28 at that point Kirby.  Game over.  Bowl loss.  On Kirby.  On Kirby’s offense.


Luke Ford Tight End.  Kirby played Luke Ford only 9 games 2018 failed season.  9 games.  Top Tight End nationally wasted like all these offensive players so highly thought-of when Kirby signed them here only to NOT USE THEM.  Kirby burned Luke Ford’s redshirt to throw him one pass all season.  One.  Now he too is gone.  Why is that Kirby ?  Does Luke Ford see Kirby’s meddling in the offense as counter-productive ?  I certainly do.  Don’t I ?    Under Armour High School AllAmerica  Rivals # 1 Tight End in the Nation.  ESPN # 3 Tight End in the Nation.  U.S. Army All-America.  1 Pass Kirby.  One.  Criminal and now gone.  247sports.com composite # 3 best Tight End in the nation.  See ‘ya too.   Like this failed offense couldn’t use Luke Ford.  Sure we could.  We just didn’t.  I should say Kirby just didn’t.


James Cook and Brian Herrien have been wasted here by Kirby while on another other team and in the NFL they will be stars.


Terry Godwin didn’t get the ball either.


Kearis Jackson.


Jamaree Salyer should be playing a LOT more so we are dominating on offense.  He’s not so we’re not.


Trey Hill has been underutilized as well other than some play against Vanderbilt.  That’s it really Vanderbilt.  Vanderbilt.  Jesus Christ Kirby play these guys.


It doesn’t make sense what’s going-on on Kirby’s offense at ALL.


Some of my favorite players don’t get to do much most especially on Offense.  It’s the Offense where Kirby meddles too much about who should NOT PLAY much.  Tindall, Walker, Cox and Andersen have all played more on defense than Kirby allows similar players to play on offense to have an impact.  Kirby rotates his defense.  His offense Kirby plays favoritism. There really is no other name unless you want to say that Kirby is BIASED against younger players because HE IS.  This blog right here has highlighted this 2016 2017 and now 2018 hasn’t it ?


Any other team would die to have these guys out there playing and with 94 who have played in games that these guys get this underutilized by Kirby not only makes no sense but SMACKS of Kirby telling THE WORLD he is in charge forget you.  That’s how it strikes me.  Kirby why play 94 guys that deep into the depth chart and yet your top stars you don’t play on offense ?  Try explaining it to me Kirby.


Just try.


Frankly Charlie Woerner I guaranteed to you too would be a star here.  Kirby refuses to use him much either.  This is Kirby’s offensive genius.  5 and 9 and 11.  Charlie Woerner has played for Kirby 3 years now 2016 and 2017 and 2018 with 5 catches 2016 then 9 catches last year 2017 and now 2018 Charlie Woerner has 11 catches.  That is not even a catch per game Kirby.  What do you tell them Kirby when you recruit them ?  That you will NOT even throw them one pass a game ?  THIS is your design for your offense leading to 10 count them now Kirby ten losses in just 3 years here as our Offensive Guru deciding who plays and who you throw the ball to – you Kirby.


Offensive Line.  You have a single Junior Kirby on your OL.  You have so wasted your OL top talent as to render this discussion of your offense useless on-point as compared to your wasting of our OL Kirby.  OL you recruited here and since don’t use and hold back like EACH and EVERY of these other offensive players discussed here-in above who are or should be leaving – jumping-ship as it were.

I believe that we are over-paying Kirby.  We are paying for a head coach and he is really still just a defensive coach without any prowess or experience or expertise obviously on the offense even deciding who should play and whom he should sit-down and bench.  Did you hear me ?  Benched Offensive Players by Kirby Smart Georgia Bulldogs UGA 2019.  D’Marcus Hayes is a junior really.  I said here Kirby has a single junior on his OL and D’Marcus Hayes is that only junior really.  He should be gone.  But Kirby doesn’t play him.   I would have left.  He still might.  Wasted is the operative word of the day.  Kirby redshirted D’Marcus Hayes last year 2017 and this year he qualifies for another redshirt having been played in only 3 games.  Kirby’s OL could not do jack shit against Texas in the last game but D’Marcus Hayes got not one snap to see or show if he can help.  Why waste a scholarship on him Kirby ?  ESPN ranked him the # 2 best JUCO OL in the nation.  Obviously Kirby disagrees.  Who has proven they know more about this ?  Kirby ?  No.  Not close.  Based on this discussion this morning Kirby has been PROVEN to be in fact WRONG on his analysis of Offensive Players.  Hasn’t he ?  Do you think Kirby needed some help on offensive line against Texas ?  Well do you ?


Why does Kirby have these hidden practices ?  Because he benches starters on offense and because he plays favorites on offense and because he doesn’t want you to have the facts to provide that these guys listed in this blog post today by me should be playing more while other lesser guys are getting their snaps instead.  It’s what is happening.  It’s what has been happening.  By having hidden practices Kirby thinks he can continue to pull this bullshit on offense and not let these obvious men get their due number of snaps.  Instead Kirby plays 94 players deep in his depth chart.  That enables him to throw a bone to non-scholarship players that they can walk-on come to practice work hard and get in games.  Yes at the expense of the 2nd stringers who should be proving to you that they deserve to be the starter.  Do you see what Kirby is perpetrating here ?


Netori Johnson # 4 Offensive Guard in the nation Scout.com and # 5 Offensive Guard Rivals.com Netori Johnson did not get to play ANY 2017 redshirted and now this year basically has been redshirted too getting to play only 4 games then moved to our Defensive Line where he was used for one game.  Again why recruit these guys Kirby ?  You obviously don’t like them.  You don’t play them.  Why recruit them Kirby ?  You have a bias against players and don’t use them on offense Kirby.  On defense everyone is rotated to keep them fresh.  But on offense you get a hair up your ass Kirby and refuse to ever let them see the light of friqin’ day.

THIS BLOG has made these points about Kirby’s meddling in our Offensive Line and how wasted talent is the story of the day here too such as Ben Cleveland.  Frankly I am surprised he has not already jumped-ship too.  U.S. Army All-American.  5-Star # 6 Offensive Guard in the nation.  Did you know Ben Cleveland can declare too for this up-coming NFL Draft as well ?  That’s right. If he wasn’t injured I think he would.  I still sort of expected him too.  While Kirby was losing 5 games 2016 I accused Kirby of losing the games on purpose to say see how much we’ve improved year one to year two ?  Ben Cleveland was redshirted 2016 and I told you preseason he would START 2016.  Ben Cleveland is where I first learned about Kirby’s hatred of freshmen.  Nick Saban doesn’t feel that way at Alabama.  So where did Kirby get this shit a throw-back to 1971 football when freshmen football players were not allowed to play.  Kirby was born in 1975 yet he harbors this ill-will toward freshmen rather than embrace them despite the fact that ALL THESE basically redshirt sophomores are now leaving having really been wasted all of them here by Kirby on Offense.

I am not the only one who has noticed that Kirby has squandered his Offensive Players here at Georgia without any requisite experience by Kirby in said FAILED OFFENSE.


Make no mistake about it.  2018 is a FAILED OFFENSE  2016 was too and frankly 2017 were it not for Sony Michel who Kirby never really played much and Nick Chubb who is a future Georgia Bulldogs’ head coach himself Kirby’s offense 2017 would have been a FLOP too.  10 losses in 3 Kirby years to-date you can point your finger at Kirby’s ill-advised meddling in the offense such as telling the offense to run the ball first and second down and then finally on third down pass it.


It’s a failed offensive approach.  One which has seen Kirby lose TOO MANY GAMES –   10.  This is more than I would like to have had at this point –  more than to my liking.


And I don’t like this FAILED Kirby offense worth a God Damn nor his choice of favorite players while he benches others I see and everyone sees as MORE talented and BETTER offensive players who could have helped Kirby to NOT HAVE LOST 10 games already.


I want to see our stars playing more.  That is what I am paying my money for and I don’t give a shit what Kirby thinks about me saying this.


If it is your goal to be better than Mark Richt you can stick it up your God Damn asshole as far as I am concerned.  I want MORE.


You did not criticize Mark Richt when he was here.  I did.