Kirby has very talented players just up and leaving. Mark Richt had no discipline so he had to kick-off players or they flunked-out or got arrested or never even qualified. I’ll take Kirby’s problems since Kirby IS AVERAGING 10.6 wins a season – something Mark Richt most clearly did NOT at only 145 wins in 15 years only 9.6 wins per year in 15-game seasons for the top teams.

I don’t understand what makes Justin Fields think he will get more snaps at Ohio State than he got here unless he has some agreement in writing or cash in hand from a guy who has NEVER COACHED FOOTBALL before when the quarterbacks who are there certainly think they are poised to take over.


What’s different from that situation and what Justin Fields faced here was that here Justin Fields saw that Jake Fromm was wildly popular taking us to the national championship game.  Ohio State’s up and coming quarterback can NOT make that statement.  But the facts are that he is ahead of Justin Fields who now must learn an entirely new offense and all new terminology and all new staff and all new fields and all new depth-chart behind an all new OL with all new receivers and an all new running game.  So why would that be fodder for the one lone Atlanta paper for 7 million people who live here ?


Because Kirby lost 3 games and didn’t use Justin Fields in those losses like Nick Saban would’ve and has done for all to see.


While Kirby was stubborn and said it would’ve been unfair for Justin Fields to throw him into the fire of those 3 losses this year.  Kirby didn’t change quarterbacks in any of his 10 losses in 3 years here as our head coach.  And Kirby does not know offense so he is unable to discuss offense with Justin Fields as Ohio State’s replacement for Urban Meyer most assuredly can discuss offenses with Justin Fields and Justin Fields’ dad and mom.


Justin Fields shouldn’t have come here.


We had at the time a proven quarterback in Jake Fromm.


Maybe not a world-beater but certainly well entrenched before Justin Fields got on campus.


So that too is his fault.


We all here at Georgia felt that in time Justin Fields would be our Starting Quarterback.  But with Jake Fromm a year ahead of him and not going to declare early it would seem as well Justin Fields had a year here like DJ Shockley.


Not exactly like DJ Shockley.


DJ Shockley’s dad got all upset when Mark Richt redshirted DJ 2001.  That put David Greene a year ahead of DJ Shockley and that is what Justin Fields faced here.  DJ Shockley thought he would beat-out David Greene.  I did at the time too.  I still feel that he did.


I also feel that Justin Fields did beat out Jake Fromm too.


But that is on Kirby that Kirby did not turn to Justin Fields during Kirby’s losses and try to stem the bad day Jake Fromm was having.  Jake Fromm had bad days.  Texas was one.    He got sacked several times.  He overthrew the wide open receivers and was under duress not taking that pressure well wasn’t he ?


This is what Jake Fromm has been doing.


Jake Fromm beat Auburn in The SEC Championship Game.  But Auburn was WITHOUT their star who was injured and it wasn’t Jake Fromm but Sony Michel and Nick Chubb wasn’t it ?  The same is true of the Rose Bowl while Alabama certainly beat the shit out of Jake Fromm as did LSU right ?  This year Jake Fromm did not have Sony Michel and Nick Chubb to rely on and so he lost 3 games.  Since when is losing 3 games as the starting quarterback something awesome ?


It’s not and NEVER has been.


Jake Fromm lost to 2 SEC teams last year and 2 more this year with a loss to a out-of-conference has-been who lost to a 7-loss and who lost to a 6-loss team but Jake Fromm could not beat them could he ?


And don’t forget that Jake Fromm’s talent around him is loads better than DJ Shockley or David Greene had with Mark Richt’s recruits averaging the # 8 recruiting class while Kirby has never been that bad.


Kirby was # 6 then # 3 then # 1 and now still # 2. That’s an average of # 3 which is more than twice as good as Mark Richt averaged here.


Mark Richt had so many he kicked-out or watched get arrested or failed to qualify or flunked-out that Mark Richt once got down to 67 scholarship recruits on his roster.


That is NOT the problem Kirby is having now is it ?


Kirby has plenty of talent.


So why is Kirby ostensibly really no better really than Mark Richt at 3.33 losses Kirby in his entire career here while Mark Richt averaged 4 losses a year his last entire 8 seasons here at Georgia ?


It’s not the talent.


It’s the stupid shit Kirby does because he doesn’t have experience on the offensive side of the ball.


So far Kirby is only marginally better than Mark Richt’s last entire 8 years of 4 losses a year average 32 losses by Mark Richt after 2007 until Mark Richt was fired after 8 seasons later.


3.33 losses a year for Kirby’s first 3 years is not much better than Mark Richt’s last entire 8 years here of 32 losses averaging 4 losses those latest 8 years of Mark Richt.


And that is the only comparison that matters.


Kirby has a lot to learn.


Losing to Texas was embarrassing.


Embarrassing for Kirby and embarrassing for Jake Fromm.


Justin Fields did not get embarrassed against Texas or LSU since he got no snap not one in either of those 2 Jake Fromm losses this year.  And Justin Fields mistakes in the Alabama loss this year were Kirby’s fault too.


So we traded Justin Fields for Ohio State’s commitment at QB.  In the long run I think that will work out ok for us since he is off-schedule with Jake Fromm who is a Junior next year.


Kirby can go sign a top # 1 Quarterback for 2020 now and he knows he might redshirt one year or get snaps and be ready his Sophomore year to take over.


I never see Jake Fromm being drafted early by any NFL team.


Not from what I have seen watching him lose to 2 SEC teams last year and another 2 SEC teams this year plus his sorry showing against hapless Texas until the game was over.  Down 7 to 28 is no time to start playing.  Jake Fromm dug too deep a hole for himself.


At Georgia we’re still waiting for our best quarterback ever.  He’s not been here yet.