He doesn’t look like Jim Chaney now does he ?

I told you James Coley was being promoted to Offensive Coordinator.  Kirby hired him after he hired Jim Chaney or he would’ve been the offensive coordinator here from the start.







I have been calling for this for 3 years.  We wouldn’t have had so many bad decisions on offense with James Coley in charge.  He wasn’t.  Kirby had to not want to retain Jim Chaney to be able to promote James Coley to the job in reality.  He had the job in title last year but as we all saw fat ass in the sky still called the plays.


Run up the middle.


Oh 2nd Down ?


Run up the middle.


Third Down ?


Not all of them even were passes even behind the chains.


This is the best news this off-season right up there with the # 2 recruiting class James Coley had much to do with too.


The reason why our receivers have been doing so well is because of James Coley.  Now he can throw the ball to the receivers too.  How progressive.  James Coley is 45 fits right in there well with Kirby who is 43.





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