Alabama Clemson and Georgia are really the top 3 teams heading into this upcoming 2019- 2020 season. Mostly on the recruiting of Kirby # 3 two years ago # 1 last year and # 2 this year really as everyone sees this despite our very tough schedule including # 5 Notre Dame and # 7 Florida and # 9 Texas A&M. Of course we could face # 10 LSU or # 2 Alabama in The SEC Championship Game we’ve played-in the last 2 years and then Auburn is also receiving votes and we play them too.

Everywhere you turn # 2 recruiting class now 2019 and # 1 recruiting class last year 2018 and # 3 recruiting class the year before last 2017 have propelled UGA to # 3 team nationally right now. I fully expected Kirby to promote offensive coordinator position from within his existing staff as really Kirby makes all those decisions anyway.


Who plays how much what type of play we play for every down is and always has been just only Kirby making all those decisions NOT Mel Tucker and NOT Jim Chaney.  Mel Tucker didn’t get any pressure on opposing quarterbacks and left holes on his defense.  Jim Chaney all he did was want to run the ball to bolster Kirby’s defense as everyone knows a running offense is the best medicine for your defense.